Chris Huhne & that speeding fine.

I couldnt careless if he did get his wife to take the points on her licence. I dont see why it’s of public interest or why he should loose his job if he’s found guilty. Yes yes yes, he’s an MP, and MPs, who make the laws, shouldn’t break the law. But is it really a big deal?

Lets be honest, everyone has cheated the system at some point, everyone has broken various laws even if it was just littering. Cheating ‘Slap-on-hand’ laws, and lets not forget how unpopualr speed cameras and that that stuff is, shouldn’t result in court cases, mass media attention and the loss of your job. Both of his law breaks are minor, and the attention having been started by his ex wife gossiping with a journo doesn’t even seem worth entertaining.

Let me be clear, I dont even like Chris Huhne, I don’t agree with mcuh he says and if I do I dont like how he put it. I’ve watched him play to the right wing popularist vote when it suited him and his party knowing he is the antithesis of the lies spewing out of his mouth (Question TIme, When NIck Griffin was on it) and I’m not best pleased with any front bench LibDem at the moment. They seem to do nothing except lube themselves up for the Tories. Pack of public Schoolboys indeed. So please dont think im defending a person or political party that I like!

It’s just all seems like a waste of money to me for all involved. I also think all those wanting to see Chris ‘go down’ and think this is a very serious issue that makes his role un govt untennable need to remind themselves of the cast the first stone crap in the bible. You cant hang any man for such a petty unimportant load of nonsense. Everyone who drives has speeded and noone is 100% truthful to their insurance company. It wasnt about lying to the police. We all know what insurance companies are like. Rich or poor they boned.

Of he is guilty what he did is a typical human reaction, it does not mean he is unfit for public office. If anything it makes him a bit more normal, and politics could do with more normal people.



Oh, Rareware what has happened to you!

It’s not a question really, a gaming giant, true epics are a shadow of themselves. The people who reinvented Donkey Kong and brought us Killer Instinct, Banko Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, GOLDENEYE, Perfect Dark, Jet force Gemini and Conkers BFD, to name a few, and has produced nothing worth mentioning since Microsoft brought them off Nintendo.

Me a hardcore Nintendo fan even brough an xbox to play their games, and good lord they were not good, and with everyone I did NOT go in a cynic. Not even after endless let downs did I worry about Banjo Kazooire nuts and bolts and while I;m glad I played it, it was not what I wanted, I found just 5 levels insulting, mainly because non of them were half as impressive as the hub town. It was a solid design but the magic had gone. I wanted to love the vechile building aspect to the game but, alas, it got right on my tits. Whatever that game was, it wasn’t Banjo-Kazooie.

The things Rare are to apparantly be credited for is Xbox’s avatar and Kinect Sports. So they’re still copying but these things are what prove their still tech wizards and gaming giants?.What have Microsoft done to them? I’m inclined to call it rape.

What has gone off? Has all the true talent departed from Rare? Many have to be sure, many of course went on to make TimeSpliiters ages ago, people for whatever reasons do move on, but that doesn’t go very far in explaining such a radical change in this companys output, style and constant flow of the highest praise.

It seems to Me, a decade after the departure that Nintendo was the muse. The rapport between these comapnys regardless of how friendly or arguementative it was clearly had a major impact on the end product. Nintendo clearly stamped its self all over Rares game, but that too spured Rare to stamp its name on the game. Rares game were always prettier, bigger and more player pleasing than Nintendos, but they obviously only manage to pull stuff off NOONE seemed able to  thanks to Nanny Nintendo.

Lets not understate that, under Nintendo, Rare set industry standards, every other company was in awe of them, No one could get the SNES or N64 to do what they did, and their only GameCube entry is still a visual and technical beauty. They are a silent shadow on XBOX and there’s only one company in my opinion that in todays world comes close to that matching that standard and it had to be the company thats taken Rare’s place at Nitnendos side. Retro. Well it didnt have to be them but it’s turned out that way. Sadly Retro makes less game sthan Rare, but everyone it amazing in everyway. What they did with Metriod was amazing and those games against any graphical standard still reek of quality and attention to detail.

It’s the magical Nintendo touch. Consider F-ZeroGX, Nintendos frnachise in the hands of Sega/AV. a standard in programming that is still a benchmark for Sega! Nintendo is probably a brutal slave master, but when they team up with people they certainly get the best out of them.

So it must be the reason Rareware is a small slice of the big cheese it used to be. MIcrosoft may have changed the priorities on the company, but they clearly arent out to ruin a good company they spent a lot of money on and Rare has survived the loss of big talent under Nintendos rule. Could it be that Rare were never all that amazing and it was always Nintendos magic whip that made them what they were? I think so.


M.I.A Wario Ware

Where has this great game gone? Well granted the Wii version killed the speed and fun of it a bit, but there’s no new game on the horizon and I personally am far from bored! Warioware is a halirious ultra fast-paced mini-game, game. No mini games lasts more than 5 seconds and you only get that time to figure out what it is that you have to do. Fortunatly the controls are very simple so you dont have to think too hard, but getting to the point where you can handle any of the 200+ minigames thrown at you and think it easy takes a long time! And that’s fine because it’s all part of the fun, you will find yourself laughing a lot. And anyone can enjoy this game, its genderless and ageless.


Obviously with the new controller on WiiU There’s loads more for warioware do and explore, but warioware has to remain basic, you dont want to be delayed by swapping sets-ups! WarioWare on Gamecube is the guide to follow in my opinion, no less than when it comes to multiplayer. Loads of multiplayer modes please! The Wii version fell short there. 

I’d also love more Nintendo crossovers. 9-Volts minigames are always my favortie and one thing the Wii version did well, it’s good to see classic nintendo games getting cameos in Wario Ware. By all means make every mini-game Nintendo themed! It has to be said as well that on mini games they do need to think bigger numbers, anything less than 450 would be a bit disapointing considering 200 is the benchmark.

Online? Hard-thinking in this area could produce something very original and I’m all for more thought on multiplayer as already mentioned, but online doesnt seem to be a priorty for this game to me. It’s defo a ‘night with friends’ game. I cant see how online brings more to the experience, with video calls perhaps? Offering an experience to people on your friends list that dont have to also own the game? Colour versions of WarioWare with X-mount of exclusive minigames so you can win the full collection online off others in a ‘Top Trumps’ mode or something along those lines? (I like that idea!) Obviosuly is the idea of 40+ player challeneges where your opponant (within a set amount) changes as quick as the mini games, the amount of oppoanants could vary too from duels to 12 player, but overall following a fair-enough process of elimination to crown a winner. With the games so simple and limiting 1 minigame to 12 players at a time there’s no reason to not turn it into 100 player – hey a 100Vs1 crossover too. Do I make a case for an online mode? I’m not sure, but thats about the best I can do in 5 minutes thinking. All I know is if they do online they have got to think big and different. The already done multiplayer mode as much is I love them and want them back would be rather dull online.

So I’ll shut up there, I write far too much! Needless to say I want WarioWare for WiiU and hope it’s a launch title.

Men & broken families: So you want to see your kids but she’s being an arse….

It’s common enough, parents using their children as weapons after a break up. Men certainly dont like the fact that this is one area of life where women are in charge and normally win. The law will always favor the mother, because it is beyond a doubt that women care for children far more than the average man. If you consider yourself an exception then you have probably already proved otherwise though your behaviour.

The problem with single dads is that they are rather easy to sterotype, at least the ones who find themselves in custody battles are. Normally living a hand to mouth existance, a regular drinker, Interests in guns, violent games, football, dogs, and have about as much education as a ferel child. Non of this stops them from having the right to see their child, however it is the behaviour that is indicative of such hobbies that makes them more of a problem than they realise.

Too many single dads fail too see that they are emotionally unstable, they act like children, often turning up at their ex’s door drunk at 11pm demanding to see their kid. Or they expect aggressive behaviour drunk or sober to be forgiven when they think enogh time has passed. Worse almost all of them seem to forget why they kicked out in the first place: Laziness, infidelity, violence, theft. It’s frankly amazing how so many men can twist the situation to make themselves look like a victim. Or of course thinking saying sorry solves everything.

Mothers hardly want to be on the job 24/7. Ironically many split ups happen because the dad wasn’t doing his bit….You dont know what youve got till it’s gone. How dare a man think that because he’s realised that the mother should respond to his every beck and call! That is not how things work!

Whatever happened to the gentleman? Oh yer, there all in stable relationships or haven’t made this mistake! At what point do single men dismiss the gentleman approach? Where the awkward or angry mother denies you access and rather than shaming youself like some pathetic chav banging on doors and making threats to see your child, you simply reply “I want to see my child and you know where to find me when you are ready to allow me. Just please dont expect me to drop everything at a moments notice.”

What kind of a man thinks agression and threats are better than such a response? A child thats who, a total bum thats who! And dont even get me started on the “I love my kid crap” – – Worse words cannot be spoken by a man, a man who’s lack of commitment and maturity got him into this situation in the first place! Men who are known to throw the word love around as a means to get want he wants, with his mother and his lovers. Men who express a love for their childen stronger than how a mother expresses it are attention seekers…children.

Maybe it’s just me growing up with a somewhat emotionally stunted father, but it doesn’t suit a man well in my opinion, and any man worth looking up to doesn’t act like it either. you dont keep phoning a women whos turned her back on you, you dont bang down doors in the middle of the night, you dont make empty threats and paint yourself to be a victim and you dont spend the live long day telling everyone how much you love your kids how much of a great dad you are and how unfair you ex is to you. Even gay people are thinking, shut up you faggot. Fathers for justice? Oh dear. Any man who scales building in a spiderman costume to make his point has pretty much proven he is unstable.

Now Im not all for hating on single dads. Mums clearly can be bitches. however it seems that how obstinant the mother is, is 9 times out of 10 in response to how the father has acted or is still acting. These men like children thinking stamping their feet and screaming will get them what they want. How stupid are they to act like that to a mother, who’s dealing with children doing exactly the same but with far more energy?

If a women has dumped you, shes clearly not impressed with your behaviour or attitude and going back to that lack of education, single dads are that stupid it doesn’t occur to them to present a new reformed version of themselves that lasts longer than upto the point where the mother doesnt give them the response they wanted!

Men who dont act in such a way, almost never fail to get access…Normally in cases where the mother has been the cheater or bad partner, there’s not many women out there who refuse acess to the father in that situation, and if they do, they are the mothers who tend to loose custody. There’s no point in whining in me by point out your faults if this applies to you and let me explain it in the following way to you.

Where you go wrong is in the heat of the moment. That mment when you get so angry in side it comes out and you do something stupid and later you spend time feeling stupid but eventually managed to justify it to yourself and perhaps a freind you’ve been boring over a dozen pints! Yup I’ve been there way too many times!

You men have not grown up, you are not gentlemen, you are, to opt for a Victorian word, ruffians. Men must learn to hold back on their anger and trust me I know, I carry very aggressive genes in a family thats smashed up every pub on my estate at one time or another, My father is a very scary and short tempered man and I certainly am my father sons. However I was not awarded the luxury of being able to freely explore that agression, I had to learn to control it. I am considered a gentleman and its based upon muc hard work, but if for 1 moment i ‘loose it’ there will be little sympathy for me, I will not be able to justify it and my reputation will be damaged…Ive done it before. It’s not brownie points. 10 minutes, or even 10 years of perfect behaviour is a poor defense for even a 10 second outburst, not when people are looking to defame your charecter in a relationship break up. Men are aware of their higher levels of agression and thus everyone knowing it means it is a pathetic defense.

Learning to control your emotions and behave properly is a part of growing up, if you have a child and you havent learned how to be a gentlemen yet, perhaps you are indeed an unfit parent, and the mother is wise to keep you away. Love is not enough for a child, and in fact when a person is so immature, aggressive, demanding and not self aware love is in fact very dangerous. What exactly do you have to offer a child if you cannot even be a role model, if your version of ‘being a man’ is so petty and twisted and you defiantly stand by your behaviour?

I’m always reminded of Chris Rocks N****rs vs black man routine. These single dads scream all day about how much they love and care for their kids, whilst a gentleman just does it, a single dad whines about his problem to anyone who will listen while a gentleman aims to deal with them privatly and properly. Gentleman have more to themselves and thier lives than just wanting to create a child in their image. A child is a gift to treasure, not the be all and end all of your existance.

And that brings me to the next problem that is common amoung single dads who find themselves in such dramas. They care little abou the childs interest and far more in their own and ensuring their child has the same priorities and views on life. That doesn’t exactly sound like a bad thing. However there’s a very clear line…For example if I had a child I would teach them piano because its a skill I can pass on and it will certainly help their education. Grooming a child into becoming a thick football fan of a specific team is quite different, not that football is bad, but the culture which comes with it, is comething best left untill the child is much older!

Thats a mild example. Ive seen far worse…Like the single dad who encourages his 6 year old to drink beer. The single dad whos beats the gay out of his 4 year old son – crying apparantly is for queers. The single dad who promises to teach his sons his art, shoplifting…One of them recently was murdered for stealing off the wrong person. The single dad of a 8 year old who is teaching him to fight and encouraging him to fight back in school, and those goes into school and threatens to smack the headmistress, because his kid is in trouble for fighting. The Single dad who sends his 11 year old to pick up his weed. The single dad who sat and laughed as his 14 year old bullied a nerd walking by. I could go on.

Fair play I can tell as many stories about single mums too, but they are more often related to the mum giving into their childs demands, such as the single mum who been buying fags for her son since the age of 8. Or stupidity cause by the need to have a break like my best friend who was so busy trying to plan a good night she left her kids in the care of the wrong person.

There’s no need to single out, single dads out. But their stupidity is in a league of it’s own and their behaviour is directly responsible for why they struggle to get to see their kids. More often than not it is better they dont get to see thier kids because on so many levels they have proven themselves to be unfit. Love is not enough for a child, and love from an idiot is dangerous. Women have power over children because they are demostrably better carers. We need look no futher than a family thats come down with the flu. Dad is in bed dying, while mum whos probaly feeling worse is up and caring for everyone. Even if it’s just mum who is poorly, seldom does the family come to her beck and call, she’s still up helping the family. Men are weak, they are always busy, tired, or dont see why they should do it. They do it because women will pick up the slack, and just about every single dad is the worst example of this kind of behaviour.

Men who buck the trend are a rare breed, who are either gay or so nice they suffer single life being told the right women for them is out there somewhere and they truly deserve to be happy. Men who buck the trend and are in relationships never suffer this fate. A father who does his duty or goes beyond the call isn’t a man a women is going to totlly get rid off. Like a women will rid herself of a man who has a track record for making her life easier anf fairer by behaving like a husband a women dreams of! Ssorry single dads you must look to your behaviour and sort it out before you citicise everyone else.

Women must look at themselves too. It’s time to pick the gentleman over the bad-boy. Your sexual thrills are second to finding a decent father, and you are every bit to blame if you were as stupid to get pregnant with a mouse of a man. We all live and learn but its a childs well being at mistake and you cannot alow yourself to play out soap opera romance with a man you knew was no good from the start.

Raoe is rape, but unplanned pregnancies or planned ones with morons is wholly the fault of the women. You cannot trust a man to use contrcaption, you cannot expect a man to behave as you wish after luring him into a relationship and your desire to have a baby shouldnt cloud your judgement on a man. You are the mature ones, the one who will despite the best intentions of a man, will be the one with ultimate responsibility. If your a single mum, chances are you followed your fetishes and not your common sense. Your a single mum because you lacked restraint and logic. No you didnt follow your heart, your were impatient and desperate, and you chances are you were well warned, by parents, peers and sex education is school. People make mistakes, but you have little excuse.

Lets not come all the liberal crap, you have a child, your living in poverty – no that IPhone flat scrren TV and wall paper you didnt buy from wilkos doesnt make you middle class. It means you spend your money badly. Dont play the ‘you dont understand’ game or ‘oh woe is me’ You cocked up big time and despite all the love in the world you child will suffer, few children from poor single parent families go on to do well in life. The cances of your child being an exception are about the same chances of anyones children becoming a professional footballer. Go look at the stats.

The damage as they say is done and it is the fault of foolish women and lying weak manipulative men. I find it abhorrent, knowing I would be such a good father and being gay it wil be a uphill battle for me to become a father. I could get a girl pregnant tomorrow if I wished and be a single dad too, or prented we could work together. But I must wait because common sense tells me that would wrong. My child needs to commited parents who love each other and live together, who have proven their love and arent making a rotton go of it because the gals fell preggers.

When you have no choice but to opt for planned parenthood, it makes you very angry to see how commidified and politicised children are. Theres a distinct lack of gravity for how important a childs upbringing is. More parents worry about Nike trainers and mobile phones, than the emotional well being and education of their children. They are too busy fighting teachers and the police to actually get off thier asses and do some parenting. And few think of how the child feels when broken parents argue. You never argue in front of a child, are you listening single dads STOP with the banging on doors and threats if you dont see your child!

It makes me sick. These days it seems no topic is taboo for a child. These people air their dirty laundry so publically and without regard to their children that they fail to see how savagly they are ripping a childs innocence away. These people were parents too young. They are too busy thinking about romance, sex and petty squabbles (themselves) to put a child first. If they put a child first, they’d have stayed on the pill a bit longer.

I will never forget the story of a dear friend who at 15 had an abortion because she came to the concluesion oh her own she was not fit to be a mother. That was 10 years ago. Shes in a 7 year relatrionship now with a child aged 3. I have no doubt that child will do fine. It has commited parents who planned his birth and who was desperatly wanted. That child was no accident of an ill fated romance. She still lives with the regret of that abortion every day, but she is a far better person for it. No child in her care will ever go without or be subject to the pathetic behaviour of adults who haven’t grown up. Even if they do split up, they will work together to do what right for their child. There will be no petty games using the child.

Single parenthood will always happen and I support a state which supports them. The difference between a single parent who does well by their children and a single parent who fails, is maturity, sexual maturity. I agree there’s nothing stopping children in single parent families from doing well in life, but life doesn’t work that way. The state is unlikely to ever provide the right support a single parent needs, it’s too expensive, and too few are willing to pay.

Sadly we are left with looking to the past for a solution. Im afraid to say that abstinace as stupid as it is, is something we should promote more. As evil as it is boys and girls should be made to feel more guilty for having sex willly-nilly and we shouldnt defend single parenthood to the point we think its no better or worse. It is demostrably worse, we shouldn’t make them suffer or give them a hard time, as I said Im all for more help, but it should be seen a totally undesirable.

We should also look to European sex education classes where emotional weel being is put first. Boys are taight that to manipulate a girls into having sex by feeding her lies of true love and such isn’t a million miles away from. To do that is to ignore her emotioanl well being and makes you a very person. It doesnt promote marrage before sex, just that both parties emotions are true and properly expressed.

How many less unplanned children would there be if we lived in a world where even the most boysterous of boys were saying “If I cared for that I’d be fucking it all over.” Rather than the culture we have today of smooth talking and quick exits?

We have devalued sex and in doing so we think far less of one another. Just have a wank guys and save women or men the trouble of yourself! Guys you do not own your child, the mother does, and its because men act like this that the law is wise to keep favoring the mum. You’ve probably been kicked for cheating on her haven’t you? Or abjectly failing to do anything she asked? Sex was the only thing you were thinking about, you didnt do your share in the relationship and now you want acees to the one thing in your relationship which requires the most work, responsibility and maturity after demostrating you lack all those qualities.

If you can’t respect and love the mother I dont think you can be trusted with the child. It’s time to grow up and accept the fact you will have to prove yourself and get on your knees. Oddly it’s called manning up to your mistakes.

Which brings me back to the beginning…If the mother is being awkward and not letting you see you child, you only have one response: “You know I want to see my child and you know where I am when your ready, but please dont expect me to drop everything at a moments notice” Unless your beyond foul, a mother wont keep a child from its father. Alas most single mums had a dad in your situation or know friends who have. Trust a mothers instinct to come good, because it will. If it doesnt and youve behaved as suggested, getting custody or the right to see you child will be not be a problem. Just know that if you’ve just broken up, you will have to be patient, which is another quality of the Gentlemen. It’s time to grow up boys, for your childs sake.

Make your own Mario!

Why have Nintendo not thought of this? It strike me as a killer app for 3DS, If it came free I’m sure it would sell buckets of

People have been making their own mario levels online for quite sometime and Nintendo being a bit slow have not thought to capitalise on it. It’s would be super easy and super cheap to make. A small programme that takes the 8 bit worlds of mario and all their features and gives them to you to play with to create your own Mario inspired levels. These of course you could share via Steetpass, QR codes, or directly online, with perhaps a free shop, where Nintendo pick their favs and so do fans.

This isnt hard. Anyone who knew all the cheats to sonic 1 use to do something very like this back in 1991, it’s where Ive robbed the idea from, it’s totally doable.

Moneywise of course….Expansions! Give everyone a free version with SMB, but then sell the SMB2,  SMW world pack, which may also feature the option to create your own overworld, allowing to go on to create a whole mario game!

Who would give this a go? or just make use of downloading everyone elses levels to play? I dont think Nintendo need worry about overkill, if that was a concern Mario would have died a long time ago! Surely this is the ultimate killer app that keeps the 3DS from gathering dust. It is certainly something only Nintendo can deliver. But if Sega get the idea first, then Nintendo might as well not bother. and if such a game using sonic comes out it will be multiplatform and may not even come out on a Nintendo console, and people will certainly flock to it. Everyone will laugh their asses off at Nintendo for missing out on such a great idea that clearly works for Mario. If you dont do this first, theres no point being second.

Nintendo such a game should only take about 3 months to make. Dont be dumb, make it and make it free, 3DS sales will certainly spike once again. Make people pay later on with expansions, and trust me, people will be begging and willing to pay for expansions!


Pilotwings: The misunderstood Epic.

Flightsims are pretty boring, and its no surprise to me that Pilotwings on the SNES N64 or 3DS werent massive sellers. But for me the N64 game is iconic and blew my mind as much as Mario 64 did. In fact I enjoyed it far more than Mario 64, I’ve played it far more than Mario64. Needless to say then I’ve been waiting a very long for a new Pilotwings game.

I dont want to talk about Pilotwings 3DS. A games with just 1 level. A level ripped from WiiSports resort, thats also now been used in Mario Kart 3DS. I don’t think its wrong to call that cheap and lazy. I outright refuse to buy it untill I can pick it up for a few quid. What a con. I still hold out hope for a new, proper Pilotwings game, now for WiiU.

And what an epic it could be. Pilotwings already has all the basics in place they dont need to be changed all that much, designers just need to think big, and with WiiUs tech, there no fear of being all that limited.

The World of Pilotwings

More levels yes, different missions and ways to fly certainly. But one obvious step forward is to put all the Islands on a huge sea where people can travel to and from islands. Perhaps as a means to first discover them. Perhaps as a means to add starfox style levels in travelling to these Island is some type of “discovery mode” and using a new type of flight? Dozen of missions and secret mini islands could be peppered around for extended play to appeal to completionists. But basically a next pilot wings game shoud have dozens of Islands connected by a free roaming world, littered with little bonuses.

Think MMO!

The next Pilotwings game should be massivly multiplayer. Imagine dozens of other players filling your skies in a free roam moad where you can meet up with people for both counter & Coop missions or challenges. Pilotwings always begged a multiplayer mode, needless to say every abot the last games has the capacity to be multiplayer, creating experiences just as fun bnut far more varied as Mario Karts battle mode – and why not races too?

Daily quests should be avaliable to for extended play, in fact there should be so many missions daily and otherwise you’d be overwhelmed and not be compelled to complete them all. Which also brings us to adding a levelling system? Why not? Levelling could bring rewards which result in longer flying better moves, weapons and maybe even new flight modes.

While were on the issue of flighttime, put in fuel or rest stations. Its means your time isnt up, but you are challeneged to think about your fuel….If you crash you get a repair bill that comes out of money earned from missions…Of course you account can go into the red, so players are compelled to do something they might not enjoy, but your bank account becomes the thing to show off online.

Stay Chilled.

Pilotwings is probably nintendos first shot as a slowpaced gamed. Pilotwings was to be played at your leisure almost at whatever paced you desired. It left you with plenty of options if you find certain missions too hard. The game invited you to take in the view, to just enjoy flying, a new game should embrace that. Dont get me wrong I want an intense experience, but it should be flexible enough to accomodate all types of gamers and their moods. That isnt hard for a game that is already pretty open ended and laid back but also a bloody hard challenege at the same time.

True but new

The games original design of licenses should stay, with the MMO experience openeing up increasingly as you prove your skills. There in after the player decides to discover mission via exploration or by how missions are normally laid out. However obviously there should be lots you must discover to play,but once discovered it can be access easily, via menus. Oh and Birdman should be extended. Obviously theres much mission potential in a mode that originally was just for fun. A ghost mode would be fun too where you can still do what you want to do but see other people playing without interferring. Piotwings these days seems very empty and lonley, Fill those skies with real people! 

Make you own missions!

I love hide and seek, but to do hide and seek in a huge sprawing world wont appeal to most people, but why not give that option to players. We can set the limits and the rules! And why not extend this to all types of gameplay. The flying through rings missions could be designed by us for multiplayer competitions. Papaer trails/Orenteering missions appeal to me too, but perhaps best left to be done by those players who care. I’d love to make paper trail missions, writing my own clues, as well as playing others. With so much open sea as well missions dont have to be confined to 1 island. They can span several Islands or take place out at sea.

The Fluff

Get rid of those bloody Miis or at least bring back the old cast. Give the game as massive soundtrack, team up with ministry of sound and pinch songs off their chillout albums. When I first heard Groove armarda song “by the RIver” I couldnt help but think of playing birdman mode. Chillout music belongs in Pilotwings and there no reason it cant have a licensed soundtrack. It would probably attact more cynics to try what always looked like a toy of a game. Give it some cred! Class it up a bit!


PIlotwings ala 3DS is a franchise Nintendo clearly thinks very little of. They also cancelled an N64 sequel. It doesn’t diserve such minimal effort, when its potential is so big. This style of game is hardly used either, so it certainly would help to give WiiU one of those unique experiences. Pilotwings screams an huge multiplayer and online mode, in these things the game can evolve into something much bigger and much more fun. No ones done an MMO flightsim – This clearly has tthe potential to be the Mario Kart of FlightSims – Heck why not rebrand as MarioWings! The mind explodes with possible ideas! But Nintendo should not entirly be themselves on this project. They are too sand-pit. No doubt they’d be thinking of 6 islands and a 20 hour experience – 20 Islands and 150 hours please!

Theres nothing about this franchise which stops it from being the next big game. And moreso it works with WiiU’s ethos. A game that can be all about what the player want. Want to stay casual, you got. Want a solo experience, you got it! MMO? You got it! Insane difficulty? You got it? Achevements system? Put it in too! This games design is not only flexible, it screams the need for evolution and any games designers surly has his mind flowing with ideas. I know if I could make games, this is the game I would want to wok on. There’s just so much that can be done with it, and no one can claim the franchise has been overused.

I beg Nintendo to get on the case! and if by chance the right people read this, theres more ideas where these came from! I have the whole game laid out in my head! I need this game like Whitney Houston needs her fix!

All we want is a proper 16-bit Sonic

I’m dying to do a parody of ‘All I want is a propa cup of coffee’ on the dilemma of sonic fans.

Sega has spent since 1999 offering us Sonic experiences we didn’t want. Sonic fans have never been overjoyed by the constant need to introduce new charecters, nevermind playing with sonics design & turning him into a warewolf. Now I dont want to be harsh, as clumsy as they were Adventure 1 & 2 I absolutely loved, and Sonic Colours/Generations finally got 3d sonic games about as right as they will ever be. I personally reccomend Sonic Colours.

But throughout out the last 13 years Sonic fans have been increasingly asking for one thing – a true to the original sonic game. They want it in 16bit, with every sound effect intact and for sonic model to be an EXACT replica of him in any of the Mega Drive games and for the levels to be true to the original style – Out with realism!

These fans are being prattish. Sonic has never looked the same in any 2 games. They all bitch about the invinsible melody not being used any more. But go back to Sonic 1, 2 & 3 it was different in each of those games. Sonics moves have constantly evolved too. No one want to go so far back he can’t do the spin dash, but for gods sake Sega listen to these guys! Fans have never wanted less! Why turn down easy work?

As awkward as they are I do agree with them. I dont want to say goodbye to 3D sonic, but I would kill for a true Sonic 4. I didnt think that episodic pile of bob could let me down. How could Sonic 4 episode 1 get it so wrong? NO HOMING ATTACK FFS! NO MODERN SONIC FFS!! And there really was no need to recycle classic levels as much as we can see that was Sega trying to please us. Just so it’s clear to Sega, it’s not all about Green Hill Zone. But it is ALL about the 16-bit music in the traditional style. We are all sick of that friggin gitar crap.

We just want a 16-bit sonic these days surely a games designer cant get and easier or cheaper job. We don’t mind them using a bit more power so long as it looks 16 bit. By all means make things more busy an animated, make up for the shortcomings in 16-bit where it makes things look better but still retro for example no one will moan if explosion effects are a bit more snazzy and level don’t look like lego pieces put together as anyone who did the UP C Down C left C right C – cheat on Sonic 1 came to see. Although some would say there’s not even the need to go that far, be totally true to the originals.

Most of all it’s about how sonic moves and plays. Any modern sonic game would go down far better if sonic moved and looked as he did in the original games. Mega man went back to his roots and it went down well. Mario while he has evolved has always stayed true to the image and feel fans have of him in their heads. It’s quite funny that modern sonic at his best was probably his appearance in Smash Bros Brawl. Perhaps Sega should ask Nintendo to make the next sonic. If one things for sure, Nintendo knows how to respects it’s franchises. Sega, alas, is famed for cocking theirs up. If it aint broke.