Is the Nintendo Switch too expensive?

Yes is the short answer, here’s the longer answer as to why in some simple points:

  1. The Switch may have some unique features and packing all the tech into the small tablet is somewhat impressive, but it is still yesterdays technology. There’s nothing ground breaking here at all.
  2. With the Switch being miles behind the XB1 and Ps4 in terms of graphical capabilities Nintendo has eliminated the chance of the Switch being a true gamers console and yet at £279 it has the price of a top of the line console. Tablet or no tablet the Switch is no gamers console. It simply does not have the tech to attract that audience, which is the only audience you’ll find willing to pay that amount for a system
  3. This means the Switch is another novelty family console. It’s firmly in the casual market and as others have said, no one in this demographic is likely to think that £279 is worth it.
  4. There’s also nothing attractive to either demographic when it comes to paying £75 for an additional controller. This is truly insane.

Nintendo look to have really dropped the ball, again. The complaints are loud and as with me, they can even get a good chunk of their super fans to defend them very well. The Switch has sadly failed to impressed and is almost certainly destined to flop. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but at these prices I’m not like to be a customer to help prove otherwise.


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