Out of sight, out of mind.

Hurrah and everything for people around the world gradually building a formidable voice against the explotation of workers in China by computer giant Apple, but do we really care?

I dont forget about the plight of the poor. I am very angry that any buisness in the west is allowed to sell its goods to us if they employ children or pay anyone significantly less than they would pay someone in our country. It’s sickening on so many level what buisness is allowed to get away with, it’s not just the bankers. We dont need to be told AGAIN about how fashion labels operate, it’s beyond immoral.

Yet I am stood on my soapbox in an Adidas tracksuit. As much as I like to think I care and behave accordingly, I dont. I should and you should not put money in the pockets of morally void companies. We should know by now our government are a wasteland of morality too, they are the ones who could write laws to change this, but they don’t.  Ethical foriegn & global labour policies are too damaging to the economy, it’s not even worth working towards in little baby steps. You do NOT tell buisness how to behave, not if you can help it. Market forces will drive change. Men will not solves the problems of quasi-slave labour or the manipulation of needs, A man will. The world lays waiting for anothe brave soul to step forward at the right time to lead us all on the right path!

We are pathetic. I am pathetic, I’d rather follow the rules of fashion than stand against child labour, why should I fight it, what can I do? Excuses, excuses. Making change dependant of market forces is a lovely way for buisness and government to make us shoulder the burden of their misdeeds…If we are willing to pay we must therefore not care about misdeeds and exploitation. Like we will fight it, because our need have been so brilliantly manipulated we think we need these products when we do not. We dont need fashion label, I pads or even coffee. And it would take much of a stand by all that many people to drive market change. If we wont pay they have to change to survive. So they are right, but know full well that we are highly unlikly to change our shopping habits on a moral issue.

It’s out of sight and out of mind, its only in this ever globalised world that everything seems smaller and closer to us. I have faith with media being as vast as it is that things will increasingly be less out of sight. It’s probably why people are rising up to Apple, much as now dead efforts against child labour were sparked by news reports and television documentaries. Lets hope people record and share and more people watch, it could serious help us in keeping our morality ahead of our wants and desires.

So it is more than a little worrying that sites like Twitter can lock themselves on a country to country basis and basically closing the world off to us. That’s of course a bit dramatic, but a precident that shouldn’t be made. Contradicting myself a bit here, this is a buisness being controlled by governments who are morally bankrupt on issues of our basic morality, free speech.

Dont get angry at Twitter of course, just make a new one. More importantly, what we see with these social media companies is a corrolation between devaluing their moral image and openess and their deepening trek into business. How Twatting and sticking your finger up can become a multi billion pound organisation beggers belief, but its the world we live in. I dont even want to get started on the poons who pay thousand for online virtual properties and characters in games. But that’s another issue. What worries me is what social media is at the core – Humans chatting to each other and how that is both commodified and potentially controlled. It’s very worrying that any kind of restraint even for seemingly sound reasons is put on that.

Add in the advertising and all that crap we’re literally in a situation we quite easily we could find ourselves unable to dictate market forces. Seriously, its not too daft to imagine a world where picking a brand of tea bags is a 10 year contract. When you will be told what to buy based on data collected on you, choice will charged extra. At that point the rights of workers wont just mean nothing it will be non existant because you will not have a clue. Life through a PR lens. Everything will probably seem great.

It is pretty important, it seems to me, we work harder as consumers to drive market forces. Mass boycotts are clearly a good place to start, lets go ‘Ratners’ on their asses! We can do it when we feel ripped off cant we do it for the little kiddies? We shouldn’t just care about sexual abuse! It may be unpopular to say this but get shafted by a manipulative dirty bastard seems preferable to a childhood in a sweatshop earning a weekly salary that could buy a blackjack (thats a 1p sweet by the way) with no parents younger siblings to care for in a world where if a pedo gets you there aint no one you can report it to. We cant change the world but can choose to not buy products made in countries that allow child labour and thus will have awful working standards for anyone of any age.

Government don’t care business doesn’t care and we dont care. Who’s going to make the first move? It’s the people, they already are trying but it amounts to very little if they dont get backing. If you dont at least try to do 1 thing you’re just as much to blame, and regardless of my own efforts I clearly know I must up the ante. I think I will boycott apple now and I may even find more out about Nintendo. I love those guys but if Apple are up to it, Nintendos probably raping chinese girls. I think its time we looked at how all companies originating from the ‘civilised world’ are behaving in China and while it may amount to nothing it;s time our governments felt a bit more pressure on this issue.

Lets be hopeful, rhetoric around the world is leaning to ‘moral capitalism’ in light of bad bankers and investors, if we stay on track the ground may be fertile to expand the concept to the impoverished and undefended. It is clear with our economy having dipped it should be built back up on a bad foundation. Chinas bad way of carrying on is enough to give cause to a mass workers revolt in China, if that happens we will know recession like NEVER before. If international buisness are held to international standards on working rights, China will have no choice to follow even if they dont sign up to such agreements. They wont turn away foreign investment and their people will really hate them if jobs are lost or never made because the Chinese government thinks they should be paid less. Im not saying equal pay here, but fair pay based upon the cost of living; 40 hours work in ANY job ANYWHERE should pay enough for a person to live a content life. If you can live working full time, and 40 hours is unquestionably enough, and you cant afford to live the system has got things wrong and must fix them.

On that final note we dont need to think about other nations, but our own. It isnt out of sight but it is out of mind. We are too scared to stand up for our friends and neighours never mind poor boy in China! Life for us all has got too expensive while wages have technically got much worse, and people without money means far less for the economy. There are a few greedy bastards out there with a monopoly on our money, right now the biggest threat to capitalism are it’s biggest victors, Landlords, banks and energy & utility companies. Strike them down and the pressure to pay workers more diminishes, debts are paid off faster and there’s more money for every other area of the economy to gets it’s claws on.

Its one thing to be ripped off on an Ipod, another to be ripped off on your home.


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