Game remakes/ that get my thumbs up!

Mystical Ninja (N64)

A classic game I’veranted out recently. It still plays great but could be improved upon in areas like the camera. But what really makes this game worth remaking is the age the graphics are now showing and just how good it could look today. MN would gain much froma graphical maker, no less watching the brilliant music videos in full CGI! My stage gourgous indeed! It’s well worth retelling the story in top quality with added speech too. Plus its been ages since Goemans had an outing, what best to reintroduce him than his best game!

BUG! (Sega Saturn)

BUG! wasn’t a blockbuster hit, but it was a good enough game and seems perfectly suited to the 3DS. Plus there’s nothing else like it. Sega clearly put much effort in designing this IP, and it’s worth another shot. and you might as well remake the classic first to test the waters. BUG isn’t going to need much work updating, while it is certianly old the basic construction of the game is very simple and there’s no need to go beyond it, The whole game seems to lend it’s self to 3D too. Bug is easy to enjoy. It’s classic platforming, 2D but on 3D tracks with levels feeling like mazes, although that might have been due to the poor draw distance! Either way it was one of its appeals for me and what still makes it rather unique,

Space Channel 5 (Dreamcast/ps2)

Lets not pretend Sega can beat the original. So dont bother. Space channel 5 2 was poo. But a remake of the first with next gen graphics (WiiU please)? Much could be done! Its all about the music with SC5 and your not beating the original soundtrack, but with a remake by all means expand by including new missons perhaps using Ulalas rival reporters – what they were up to as Ulala was investigating. The original had 5 levels, a remake certainly has to think about extending gameplay new levels with new music honoring the original style would not be unwelcomed. Not to mention a varity of new difficulties and perhaps coop/counter op modes. But at the core I just this classic game to be prettied up!

Bubsy (Mega Drive/SNES)

Bubsy (the bobcat) was a great, if unfaily hard, platformer. it never attempted going 3D and being inspired by sonic something fun could be done….if done right. But it doesnt need to lose it’s 2D roots, a modernised but true to its roots game would do nicely. Bubsy if you ever played it made Sonic seem slow. it was filled with great one liners and an amout of animations which for the time was truly impressive. The game was clearly made with a lot of love, level design was supurb, everything about Bubsy makes you wonder why it had to die in the 2d era.

Wario World (Gamecube)

I think I was only person who thought this game was epic. Warios only 3D adventure was platforming heaven with a really fun combat system. Every boss was a pure joy to play and each level had numerous platform puzzle levels which were a nice bonus for a game that already had a respectable length, the kind of thing you knew proved the game was made with love and much thought. A remake is probably not what I want, moreso a sequel, but if that won’t happen i’ll opt for a remake with added features. At any rate I reccomend you find this game online and give it a go.

Sonic R (Sega Saturn/PC)

By far my favorite sonic game. Yes I know, I’m pretty much alone there too. No doubt the controls could be refined, but Sonic R shows us Sonic how he might have been in 3D, free roaming, not on the rails, and level designs which honoured Sonics original art style, not to mention one of the most epic soundtracks. I feel no shame in admitting I still listen to those songs! But sonic R looks seriosuly old now, it wasn’t mind blowing back in the day, and I’d love to see one of my fav games looking as good as modern tech can pull off, as well as being refined, and perhaps with a few new levels added. Even back in 1995 5 levels was a bit of a poor showing. Again with game i’d be just as happy

Eternal Darkness (Gamecube)

This game more than any needs a remake. A sequel seems futile, the story would never be as good and might even damage the whole concept, but a remaked titled ‘the lost pages’ could defo work!

No doubt more people were tangeled into this 2000 year quest so adding new people can work, if a remake is looking to extend gameplay, its a fair size to begin with. No what a sequel needs more is a graphical makeover. The only unforgivable thing about this otherwise epic game was it’s visuals, they were rather dated upon release and clearly the gamecube could do far better, being a surivial horror the more real it looks the more scary it should be. Its screams a graphical makeover

Moreover ED is one of the best games ever made. It’s a true classic with en epic story, new generations of gamers diserve to experience it.


With all these games sequels are welcome, but I’m happy with the originals reimagined. Other honoable mentions include

1) Goldeneye (N64)

2) SSX Tricky (or just put Garibaldi in the new games)

3) Nights into Dreams (no I ignore the ps2 remake)

4) World of Illusion (Mega Drive)

5) Kirby canvas curse (DS…Put it WiiU in HD!)








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