Pilotwings: The misunderstood Epic.

Flightsims are pretty boring, and its no surprise to me that Pilotwings on the SNES N64 or 3DS werent massive sellers. But for me the N64 game is iconic and blew my mind as much as Mario 64 did. In fact I enjoyed it far more than Mario 64, I’ve played it far more than Mario64. Needless to say then I’ve been waiting a very long for a new Pilotwings game.

I dont want to talk about Pilotwings 3DS. A games with just 1 level. A level ripped from WiiSports resort, thats also now been used in Mario Kart 3DS. I don’t think its wrong to call that cheap and lazy. I outright refuse to buy it untill I can pick it up for a few quid. What a con. I still hold out hope for a new, proper Pilotwings game, now for WiiU.

And what an epic it could be. Pilotwings already has all the basics in place they dont need to be changed all that much, designers just need to think big, and with WiiUs tech, there no fear of being all that limited.

The World of Pilotwings

More levels yes, different missions and ways to fly certainly. But one obvious step forward is to put all the Islands on a huge sea where people can travel to and from islands. Perhaps as a means to first discover them. Perhaps as a means to add starfox style levels in travelling to these Island is some type of “discovery mode” and using a new type of flight? Dozen of missions and secret mini islands could be peppered around for extended play to appeal to completionists. But basically a next pilot wings game shoud have dozens of Islands connected by a free roaming world, littered with little bonuses.

Think MMO!

The next Pilotwings game should be massivly multiplayer. Imagine dozens of other players filling your skies in a free roam moad where you can meet up with people for both counter & Coop missions or challenges. Pilotwings always begged a multiplayer mode, needless to say every abot the last games has the capacity to be multiplayer, creating experiences just as fun bnut far more varied as Mario Karts battle mode – and why not races too?

Daily quests should be avaliable to for extended play, in fact there should be so many missions daily and otherwise you’d be overwhelmed and not be compelled to complete them all. Which also brings us to adding a levelling system? Why not? Levelling could bring rewards which result in longer flying better moves, weapons and maybe even new flight modes.

While were on the issue of flighttime, put in fuel or rest stations. Its means your time isnt up, but you are challeneged to think about your fuel….If you crash you get a repair bill that comes out of money earned from missions…Of course you account can go into the red, so players are compelled to do something they might not enjoy, but your bank account becomes the thing to show off online.

Stay Chilled.

Pilotwings is probably nintendos first shot as a slowpaced gamed. Pilotwings was to be played at your leisure almost at whatever paced you desired. It left you with plenty of options if you find certain missions too hard. The game invited you to take in the view, to just enjoy flying, a new game should embrace that. Dont get me wrong I want an intense experience, but it should be flexible enough to accomodate all types of gamers and their moods. That isnt hard for a game that is already pretty open ended and laid back but also a bloody hard challenege at the same time.

True but new

The games original design of licenses should stay, with the MMO experience openeing up increasingly as you prove your skills. There in after the player decides to discover mission via exploration or by how missions are normally laid out. However obviously there should be lots you must discover to play,but once discovered it can be access easily, via menus. Oh and Birdman should be extended. Obviously theres much mission potential in a mode that originally was just for fun. A ghost mode would be fun too where you can still do what you want to do but see other people playing without interferring. Piotwings these days seems very empty and lonley, Fill those skies with real people! 

Make you own missions!

I love hide and seek, but to do hide and seek in a huge sprawing world wont appeal to most people, but why not give that option to players. We can set the limits and the rules! And why not extend this to all types of gameplay. The flying through rings missions could be designed by us for multiplayer competitions. Papaer trails/Orenteering missions appeal to me too, but perhaps best left to be done by those players who care. I’d love to make paper trail missions, writing my own clues, as well as playing others. With so much open sea as well missions dont have to be confined to 1 island. They can span several Islands or take place out at sea.

The Fluff

Get rid of those bloody Miis or at least bring back the old cast. Give the game as massive soundtrack, team up with ministry of sound and pinch songs off their chillout albums. When I first heard Groove armarda song “by the RIver” I couldnt help but think of playing birdman mode. Chillout music belongs in Pilotwings and there no reason it cant have a licensed soundtrack. It would probably attact more cynics to try what always looked like a toy of a game. Give it some cred! Class it up a bit!


PIlotwings ala 3DS is a franchise Nintendo clearly thinks very little of. They also cancelled an N64 sequel. It doesn’t diserve such minimal effort, when its potential is so big. This style of game is hardly used either, so it certainly would help to give WiiU one of those unique experiences. Pilotwings screams an huge multiplayer and online mode, in these things the game can evolve into something much bigger and much more fun. No ones done an MMO flightsim – This clearly has tthe potential to be the Mario Kart of FlightSims – Heck why not rebrand as MarioWings! The mind explodes with possible ideas! But Nintendo should not entirly be themselves on this project. They are too sand-pit. No doubt they’d be thinking of 6 islands and a 20 hour experience – 20 Islands and 150 hours please!

Theres nothing about this franchise which stops it from being the next big game. And moreso it works with WiiU’s ethos. A game that can be all about what the player want. Want to stay casual, you got. Want a solo experience, you got it! MMO? You got it! Insane difficulty? You got it? Achevements system? Put it in too! This games design is not only flexible, it screams the need for evolution and any games designers surly has his mind flowing with ideas. I know if I could make games, this is the game I would want to wok on. There’s just so much that can be done with it, and no one can claim the franchise has been overused.

I beg Nintendo to get on the case! and if by chance the right people read this, theres more ideas where these came from! I have the whole game laid out in my head! I need this game like Whitney Houston needs her fix!


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