Oh, Rareware what has happened to you!

It’s not a question really, a gaming giant, true epics are a shadow of themselves. The people who reinvented Donkey Kong and brought us Killer Instinct, Banko Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, GOLDENEYE, Perfect Dark, Jet force Gemini and Conkers BFD, to name a few, and has produced nothing worth mentioning since Microsoft brought them off Nintendo.

Me a hardcore Nintendo fan even brough an xbox to play their games, and good lord they were not good, and with everyone I did NOT go in a cynic. Not even after endless let downs did I worry about Banjo Kazooire nuts and bolts and while I;m glad I played it, it was not what I wanted, I found just 5 levels insulting, mainly because non of them were half as impressive as the hub town. It was a solid design but the magic had gone. I wanted to love the vechile building aspect to the game but, alas, it got right on my tits. Whatever that game was, it wasn’t Banjo-Kazooie.

The things Rare are to apparantly be credited for is Xbox’s avatar and Kinect Sports. So they’re still copying but these things are what prove their still tech wizards and gaming giants?.What have Microsoft done to them? I’m inclined to call it rape.

What has gone off? Has all the true talent departed from Rare? Many have to be sure, many of course went on to make TimeSpliiters ages ago, people for whatever reasons do move on, but that doesn’t go very far in explaining such a radical change in this companys output, style and constant flow of the highest praise.

It seems to Me, a decade after the departure that Nintendo was the muse. The rapport between these comapnys regardless of how friendly or arguementative it was clearly had a major impact on the end product. Nintendo clearly stamped its self all over Rares game, but that too spured Rare to stamp its name on the game. Rares game were always prettier, bigger and more player pleasing than Nintendos, but they obviously only manage to pull stuff off NOONE seemed able to  thanks to Nanny Nintendo.

Lets not understate that, under Nintendo, Rare set industry standards, every other company was in awe of them, No one could get the SNES or N64 to do what they did, and their only GameCube entry is still a visual and technical beauty. They are a silent shadow on XBOX and there’s only one company in my opinion that in todays world comes close to that matching that standard and it had to be the company thats taken Rare’s place at Nitnendos side. Retro. Well it didnt have to be them but it’s turned out that way. Sadly Retro makes less game sthan Rare, but everyone it amazing in everyway. What they did with Metriod was amazing and those games against any graphical standard still reek of quality and attention to detail.

It’s the magical Nintendo touch. Consider F-ZeroGX, Nintendos frnachise in the hands of Sega/AV. a standard in programming that is still a benchmark for Sega! Nintendo is probably a brutal slave master, but when they team up with people they certainly get the best out of them.

So it must be the reason Rareware is a small slice of the big cheese it used to be. MIcrosoft may have changed the priorities on the company, but they clearly arent out to ruin a good company they spent a lot of money on and Rare has survived the loss of big talent under Nintendos rule. Could it be that Rare were never all that amazing and it was always Nintendos magic whip that made them what they were? I think so.



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