Me want GOEMAN!

Another N64 classic that needs a comeback.

Mystical Ninja was my first Goeman game and I hold it in higher regard than Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time. I loved everything about the game and it holds a special place in my heart.

The game probably won me over straight away with the Theme Tune. The story that followed pulled me right in. The characters were bonkers and the story was joyfully absurd. The Impact segements of the game remain one of my favorite gaming memories. A bonkers robot racing to an epic battle, what more can you ask for!? I had save points at all the Impact battles, they were pure gaming fun in an era when 3D gaming was doing just about everything for the first time.

The characters still work, the concept still works, Impact needs a comeback! Why is there no new Mystical Ninja game? I want more cheesy japanese music and absurd baddies controlling the world so they have an audience to dance to! Surely the blue haired boys story has not come to an end?


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