Make your own Mario!

Why have Nintendo not thought of this? It strike me as a killer app for 3DS, If it came free I’m sure it would sell buckets of

People have been making their own mario levels online for quite sometime and Nintendo being a bit slow have not thought to capitalise on it. It’s would be super easy and super cheap to make. A small programme that takes the 8 bit worlds of mario and all their features and gives them to you to play with to create your own Mario inspired levels. These of course you could share via Steetpass, QR codes, or directly online, with perhaps a free shop, where Nintendo pick their favs and so do fans.

This isnt hard. Anyone who knew all the cheats to sonic 1 use to do something very like this back in 1991, it’s where Ive robbed the idea from, it’s totally doable.

Moneywise of course….Expansions! Give everyone a free version with SMB, but then sell the SMB2,  SMW world pack, which may also feature the option to create your own overworld, allowing to go on to create a whole mario game!

Who would give this a go? or just make use of downloading everyone elses levels to play? I dont think Nintendo need worry about overkill, if that was a concern Mario would have died a long time ago! Surely this is the ultimate killer app that keeps the 3DS from gathering dust. It is certainly something only Nintendo can deliver. But if Sega get the idea first, then Nintendo might as well not bother. and if such a game using sonic comes out it will be multiplatform and may not even come out on a Nintendo console, and people will certainly flock to it. Everyone will laugh their asses off at Nintendo for missing out on such a great idea that clearly works for Mario. If you dont do this first, theres no point being second.

Nintendo such a game should only take about 3 months to make. Dont be dumb, make it and make it free, 3DS sales will certainly spike once again. Make people pay later on with expansions, and trust me, people will be begging and willing to pay for expansions!



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