M.I.A Wario Ware

Where has this great game gone? Well granted the Wii version killed the speed and fun of it a bit, but there’s no new game on the horizon and I personally am far from bored! Warioware is a halirious ultra fast-paced mini-game, game. No mini games lasts more than 5 seconds and you only get that time to figure out what it is that you have to do. Fortunatly the controls are very simple so you dont have to think too hard, but getting to the point where you can handle any of the 200+ minigames thrown at you and think it easy takes a long time! And that’s fine because it’s all part of the fun, you will find yourself laughing a lot. And anyone can enjoy this game, its genderless and ageless.


Obviously with the new controller on WiiU There’s loads more for warioware do and explore, but warioware has to remain basic, you dont want to be delayed by swapping sets-ups! WarioWare on Gamecube is the guide to follow in my opinion, no less than when it comes to multiplayer. Loads of multiplayer modes please! The Wii version fell short there. 

I’d also love more Nintendo crossovers. 9-Volts minigames are always my favortie and one thing the Wii version did well, it’s good to see classic nintendo games getting cameos in Wario Ware. By all means make every mini-game Nintendo themed! It has to be said as well that on mini games they do need to think bigger numbers, anything less than 450 would be a bit disapointing considering 200 is the benchmark.

Online? Hard-thinking in this area could produce something very original and I’m all for more thought on multiplayer as already mentioned, but online doesnt seem to be a priorty for this game to me. It’s defo a ‘night with friends’ game. I cant see how online brings more to the experience, with video calls perhaps? Offering an experience to people on your friends list that dont have to also own the game? Colour versions of WarioWare with X-mount of exclusive minigames so you can win the full collection online off others in a ‘Top Trumps’ mode or something along those lines? (I like that idea!) Obviosuly is the idea of 40+ player challeneges where your opponant (within a set amount) changes as quick as the mini games, the amount of oppoanants could vary too from duels to 12 player, but overall following a fair-enough process of elimination to crown a winner. With the games so simple and limiting 1 minigame to 12 players at a time there’s no reason to not turn it into 100 player – hey a 100Vs1 crossover too. Do I make a case for an online mode? I’m not sure, but thats about the best I can do in 5 minutes thinking. All I know is if they do online they have got to think big and different. The already done multiplayer mode as much is I love them and want them back would be rather dull online.

So I’ll shut up there, I write far too much! Needless to say I want WarioWare for WiiU and hope it’s a launch title.


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