Chris Huhne & that speeding fine.

I couldnt careless if he did get his wife to take the points on her licence. I dont see why it’s of public interest or why he should loose his job if he’s found guilty. Yes yes yes, he’s an MP, and MPs, who make the laws, shouldn’t break the law. But is it really a big deal?

Lets be honest, everyone has cheated the system at some point, everyone has broken various laws even if it was just littering. Cheating ‘Slap-on-hand’ laws, and lets not forget how unpopualr speed cameras and that that stuff is, shouldn’t result in court cases, mass media attention and the loss of your job. Both of his law breaks are minor, and the attention having been started by his ex wife gossiping with a journo doesn’t even seem worth entertaining.

Let me be clear, I dont even like Chris Huhne, I don’t agree with mcuh he says and if I do I dont like how he put it. I’ve watched him play to the right wing popularist vote when it suited him and his party knowing he is the antithesis of the lies spewing out of his mouth (Question TIme, When NIck Griffin was on it) and I’m not best pleased with any front bench LibDem at the moment. They seem to do nothing except lube themselves up for the Tories. Pack of public Schoolboys indeed. So please dont think im defending a person or political party that I like!

It’s just all seems like a waste of money to me for all involved. I also think all those wanting to see Chris ‘go down’ and think this is a very serious issue that makes his role un govt untennable need to remind themselves of the cast the first stone crap in the bible. You cant hang any man for such a petty unimportant load of nonsense. Everyone who drives has speeded and noone is 100% truthful to their insurance company. It wasnt about lying to the police. We all know what insurance companies are like. Rich or poor they boned.

Of he is guilty what he did is a typical human reaction, it does not mean he is unfit for public office. If anything it makes him a bit more normal, and politics could do with more normal people.




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