Out of sight, out of mind.

Hurrah and everything for people around the world gradually building a formidable voice against the explotation of workers in China by computer giant Apple, but do we really care?

I dont forget about the plight of the poor. I am very angry that any buisness in the west is allowed to sell its goods to us if they employ children or pay anyone significantly less than they would pay someone in our country. It’s sickening on so many level what buisness is allowed to get away with, it’s not just the bankers. We dont need to be told AGAIN about how fashion labels operate, it’s beyond immoral.

Yet I am stood on my soapbox in an Adidas tracksuit. As much as I like to think I care and behave accordingly, I dont. I should and you should not put money in the pockets of morally void companies. We should know by now our government are a wasteland of morality too, they are the ones who could write laws to change this, but they don’t.  Ethical foriegn & global labour policies are too damaging to the economy, it’s not even worth working towards in little baby steps. You do NOT tell buisness how to behave, not if you can help it. Market forces will drive change. Men will not solves the problems of quasi-slave labour or the manipulation of needs, A man will. The world lays waiting for anothe brave soul to step forward at the right time to lead us all on the right path!

We are pathetic. I am pathetic, I’d rather follow the rules of fashion than stand against child labour, why should I fight it, what can I do? Excuses, excuses. Making change dependant of market forces is a lovely way for buisness and government to make us shoulder the burden of their misdeeds…If we are willing to pay we must therefore not care about misdeeds and exploitation. Like we will fight it, because our need have been so brilliantly manipulated we think we need these products when we do not. We dont need fashion label, I pads or even coffee. And it would take much of a stand by all that many people to drive market change. If we wont pay they have to change to survive. So they are right, but know full well that we are highly unlikly to change our shopping habits on a moral issue.

It’s out of sight and out of mind, its only in this ever globalised world that everything seems smaller and closer to us. I have faith with media being as vast as it is that things will increasingly be less out of sight. It’s probably why people are rising up to Apple, much as now dead efforts against child labour were sparked by news reports and television documentaries. Lets hope people record and share and more people watch, it could serious help us in keeping our morality ahead of our wants and desires.

So it is more than a little worrying that sites like Twitter can lock themselves on a country to country basis and basically closing the world off to us. That’s of course a bit dramatic, but a precident that shouldn’t be made. Contradicting myself a bit here, this is a buisness being controlled by governments who are morally bankrupt on issues of our basic morality, free speech.

Dont get angry at Twitter of course, just make a new one. More importantly, what we see with these social media companies is a corrolation between devaluing their moral image and openess and their deepening trek into business. How Twatting and sticking your finger up can become a multi billion pound organisation beggers belief, but its the world we live in. I dont even want to get started on the poons who pay thousand for online virtual properties and characters in games. But that’s another issue. What worries me is what social media is at the core – Humans chatting to each other and how that is both commodified and potentially controlled. It’s very worrying that any kind of restraint even for seemingly sound reasons is put on that.

Add in the advertising and all that crap we’re literally in a situation we quite easily we could find ourselves unable to dictate market forces. Seriously, its not too daft to imagine a world where picking a brand of tea bags is a 10 year contract. When you will be told what to buy based on data collected on you, choice will charged extra. At that point the rights of workers wont just mean nothing it will be non existant because you will not have a clue. Life through a PR lens. Everything will probably seem great.

It is pretty important, it seems to me, we work harder as consumers to drive market forces. Mass boycotts are clearly a good place to start, lets go ‘Ratners’ on their asses! We can do it when we feel ripped off cant we do it for the little kiddies? We shouldn’t just care about sexual abuse! It may be unpopular to say this but get shafted by a manipulative dirty bastard seems preferable to a childhood in a sweatshop earning a weekly salary that could buy a blackjack (thats a 1p sweet by the way) with no parents younger siblings to care for in a world where if a pedo gets you there aint no one you can report it to. We cant change the world but can choose to not buy products made in countries that allow child labour and thus will have awful working standards for anyone of any age.

Government don’t care business doesn’t care and we dont care. Who’s going to make the first move? It’s the people, they already are trying but it amounts to very little if they dont get backing. If you dont at least try to do 1 thing you’re just as much to blame, and regardless of my own efforts I clearly know I must up the ante. I think I will boycott apple now and I may even find more out about Nintendo. I love those guys but if Apple are up to it, Nintendos probably raping chinese girls. I think its time we looked at how all companies originating from the ‘civilised world’ are behaving in China and while it may amount to nothing it;s time our governments felt a bit more pressure on this issue.

Lets be hopeful, rhetoric around the world is leaning to ‘moral capitalism’ in light of bad bankers and investors, if we stay on track the ground may be fertile to expand the concept to the impoverished and undefended. It is clear with our economy having dipped it should be built back up on a bad foundation. Chinas bad way of carrying on is enough to give cause to a mass workers revolt in China, if that happens we will know recession like NEVER before. If international buisness are held to international standards on working rights, China will have no choice to follow even if they dont sign up to such agreements. They wont turn away foreign investment and their people will really hate them if jobs are lost or never made because the Chinese government thinks they should be paid less. Im not saying equal pay here, but fair pay based upon the cost of living; 40 hours work in ANY job ANYWHERE should pay enough for a person to live a content life. If you can live working full time, and 40 hours is unquestionably enough, and you cant afford to live the system has got things wrong and must fix them.

On that final note we dont need to think about other nations, but our own. It isnt out of sight but it is out of mind. We are too scared to stand up for our friends and neighours never mind poor boy in China! Life for us all has got too expensive while wages have technically got much worse, and people without money means far less for the economy. There are a few greedy bastards out there with a monopoly on our money, right now the biggest threat to capitalism are it’s biggest victors, Landlords, banks and energy & utility companies. Strike them down and the pressure to pay workers more diminishes, debts are paid off faster and there’s more money for every other area of the economy to gets it’s claws on.

Its one thing to be ripped off on an Ipod, another to be ripped off on your home.

Gay: Choice, Cure, Christian chatter etc

There’s something very annoying about the religious views on homosexuality and what gay people dont like to admit it that annoying a lot of it rings true. Of course biblical crap is the exception, but many element strike a nerve which puts you on the defensive.

The western world in particular is locked in cicular debates on most aspects of homosexuality and sexual identitiy in general. All sides of the debate are to eager to label, catagorise and describe everything the makes up a personality and it is this societal misson which causes so many of the cul-de-sac debates we face.

NO SUCH THING AS GAY (but therefore there is)

To be blunt, a bloke like cock has nothing to do with acting like a nancy, or any type gender identity for that matter. There are people in this world who quite literally, and without meaning to be funny, say ‘I’m not gay but my boyfriend is’ or ‘I’m not gay but I sleep with men.’ Culture in the far east wholly reject the gay identity, it is a western phenomenon they see as a rule book on how to behave just because you are sexually attracted to the same sex. ‘Gay’ is very much a cultural thing, almost ironically a sterotype, and wholly in defiant of what the rainbow flag symbolises. No it’s not just about using all the pretty colours!

At one point the gay movement was about, to put it in Star Trek terms, infinate diversity in infinate combinations. Today the vision is much slimmer. Gaga Twinks, Bears & hetro copycats. I’m being cynical but the point remains. Coming out is about finding which trend to follow, it’s all about fashion and rules. Well not for me, I was too independant to realise I fit no mould, so I stopped worry about how to behave and just thought about how to keep getting cock!

Why any of this is relevant is simple. No wonder people still stay in the closet in an open society when their sexual desire seem to warrant a vast change in personality. The vast majority of society needs to feel like they are one of the flock, which ever flocks (always more than one) they choose to follow. Even us independants must have some sense of herd belonging is some areas of life. But to come out is to search for a new flock, and gay culture, like straight culture has become to conformative. Ok in theory no, but fashion wins the day.

This situation clearly allows much space for gay people to start doubting who and what they are. Trust me, you wont find that many gay people who agree with this, they will be defiant in claiming their anal pleasure gives them a genetic predispostion to be Gaga for divas. No, its a toally social phenomenon. BUT!!!!! it doesnt make it wrong, this behaviour is typical of any group in society. nothing about this behaviour is out of the ordinary. Hetrosexuality suffers the same problem, male and female gender identities despite the world we see before us remain stupidly rigid. It’s normal but something society should try to grow out of, as much as it can.


The need to belong is strong, and based upon misconception and insecurities any person who cares to much is pretty fucked. The battle to come out is easier the stronger the persons ability to express their individuality, most doubts form when group ownership cannot be achieved. Coming out isn’t so much one big step as it is a well prepared and gradual process, and its only when you have found support and belonging in an identity you are happy to establish that identifying youself as gay is no longer a big event. If you fail to get this or it breaks down doubt creeps in.

This is where the gay therapy guys come in because this doubt is so easy to feed on, Christains offer another group with clear (ish!) rules and unconditional belonging, exactly what the person wants more than anything and has already proven themselves to be a fool for.

Gay Therapy fails because of this. Liking cock cannot be blocked out by condemnation, it requires some kind of medication surgey and mental conditioning that goes way beyond making someone a part of your gang. The opposite is true as well liking cock doesn’t not mean any form of set of behaviours must or should apply to a person, theres no genetic dispositions here. This seems obvious but life really doesnt work this way and most people do not think like it.

Its a case of mental gymnastics and most of us on all sides getting in a tizz over man made nonsense on things we cant explain scientifically (yet). Because no one applies much logic to the situation opinions change easy and doubts are bound to set in, and whatever the issue manipulative people find fertile ground in doubt.


Pride is a word that can be easily used, but to a lucky some is a cherished word, telling the 2 apart is not easy because pride as emotion is louder and stronger than pride as an accomplishment. Gay pride is an accomplishment, if your are a shepard and not proud by osmosis. False gay pride is something you will hear every person trying to become straight. They failed to understand it, they subscribed to homosexuality, they didnt embrace their indiviuality. This again aint a gay thing. The same could be said of a true believer of a faith and someone who’s done it only because their society demanded it of them. It is the differences between those who have a distinct style and those who just follow the latest trends.

Pride it has took me a long time to see is vital for any male cock lover! It is the overcoming of the guilt any human has been programmed to feel about sexuality. It isn’t hard to imagine that doubters of their sexuality and homophobic or puritan people are people who feel guilty about any kind of sex. We all know about sex and guilt. There’s no way you can forever unlink the words sex & dirty.

For gay people it is double jepordy, and that is exactly why pride is so important. Pride is not about camping it up in a bigoted world…Thats a mix of bravery and stupidity. Not that I disapprove.


This is the crux of it. These 3 things have little to do with each other. It is where so amany problems including everything discussed begins and ends. It is where all answers can be found if we seek to understand them properly. There are 2 sexes + genetic mutations, there are currently an unknown amount of genders and sexualitites. Talking about LGBT people only complicates the matter further. The first step to bette runderstand is abolishing the terms masculine and feminine. They limit how far we can understand things by keeping us stuck in a mindset where gender corrolates to sex. They are the modle examples, meaning anything else must be an anomoly. Masculine cannot not explain nerds, jocks, chavs and emos at the same time, 1 is right and 3 are wrong. These terms are a based on more social rules that have no basis in biology. What men are vastly varies and the term masculine does not cover it and is both unless and unfair to all these pefectly normal people, too suggest they are less masculine and thus less male and/or hetrosexual. My guess is there’s probably around 25 genders, and many which are shared by both males and females hetor and homo, although I’m sure there are plenty exclusive to each group, but far less than we think I suspect – if we can get our head past thinking about sex when we talk about gender. The same basically applies to sexuality too there’s certianly half a dozen sexualities at the VERY least. The bigger question is are gender and sexuality catagorisable or a case of being place on some complex spectrum where gender sex and sexuality are the X.Y.Z axes? I think the latter.


What we like is easy to judge, and easier if judgements and rule aren’t cast upon us. Understanding who we are and why we are they ways that we are is something still beyond humanities grasp. We cannot pretend to know, only accept that it is complex, and what we feel sure on thus far is only the start of a long road. It basically comes back to how much scientists can learn about the mind. it goes beyond understanding the structure of DNA and that classic arguement of the gay gene. Understanding DNA does not explain how we understand and employ language and thus ideas. It’s a mammoth task ahead of those working in such areas, and only when we have a definative understanding of how the mind works can we hope to to be accurate and prove it.

Buts there’s plenty we can describe and with open minds that dont judge, pick favorites and apply subjective and ideologies. The obvious start is that people vary vastly. That the culture of countries dictate people behaviour and that we cannot truly say what is right or wrong. Morally perhaps, but on personalities which do not inflict harm upon people and only annoy the sensibilites of others NO.  If there were definative rights and wrongs those values would be more universal. The fact that men kissing to say hello in france is normal, but in the Uk is totally gay is a good example. Better is the example that within the UK, calling each other babe & darling (hetro man to hetro man) is not deemed gay but to others is very odd. The differences in gender and sexuality performance vary very locally. These simple example are exactly what im talking about, they do change gender identity and clearly dont hinder or do hinder sexual identity. These 2 male behavior cannot both be decribed as masculine, and neither would be willing to demote themselves.


Gay identities are both genuine and farcical, as are most gender identities. Gay is a choice, admitting you like cock is a choice. You dont chose to like cock you simply realise that you do and opt to be honest about it and act on those instincts. Just like a boring wife always chooses to just lay on her back and wonders why her bloke has an affair. When we muddle up our identity with our sexual preferences we will torment ourselves and risk letting doubt creep in. If your following other peoples rules, as you see them, you will never feel like you are being yourself. The gay community leaves its self open to criticism and victimisation by carrying on traditional misconceptions about gender sex and sexuality. To be open and yet ignore patterns of conformity in the face so so called definative truths is a poor place to be in. The gay community basically needs the same basis as the scientific community, that doubt is the basis of all progress, rather than risking a quasi-faith on gay behaviour. The ethos is fine it just needs to be reaffirmed and for the words to mean exactly what they mean. But the need for belonging isn’t going anywhere and the herd doesn’t wait for the lost lamb. Shepherds need to get their act together  and perhaps tell the sheep to embrace diversity more and think for themselves. I doubt humanity could ever grow up so much.  

Game remakes/ that get my thumbs up!

Mystical Ninja (N64)

A classic game I’veranted out recently. It still plays great but could be improved upon in areas like the camera. But what really makes this game worth remaking is the age the graphics are now showing and just how good it could look today. MN would gain much froma graphical maker, no less watching the brilliant music videos in full CGI! My stage gourgous indeed! It’s well worth retelling the story in top quality with added speech too. Plus its been ages since Goemans had an outing, what best to reintroduce him than his best game!

BUG! (Sega Saturn)

BUG! wasn’t a blockbuster hit, but it was a good enough game and seems perfectly suited to the 3DS. Plus there’s nothing else like it. Sega clearly put much effort in designing this IP, and it’s worth another shot. and you might as well remake the classic first to test the waters. BUG isn’t going to need much work updating, while it is certianly old the basic construction of the game is very simple and there’s no need to go beyond it, The whole game seems to lend it’s self to 3D too. Bug is easy to enjoy. It’s classic platforming, 2D but on 3D tracks with levels feeling like mazes, although that might have been due to the poor draw distance! Either way it was one of its appeals for me and what still makes it rather unique,

Space Channel 5 (Dreamcast/ps2)

Lets not pretend Sega can beat the original. So dont bother. Space channel 5 2 was poo. But a remake of the first with next gen graphics (WiiU please)? Much could be done! Its all about the music with SC5 and your not beating the original soundtrack, but with a remake by all means expand by including new missons perhaps using Ulalas rival reporters – what they were up to as Ulala was investigating. The original had 5 levels, a remake certainly has to think about extending gameplay new levels with new music honoring the original style would not be unwelcomed. Not to mention a varity of new difficulties and perhaps coop/counter op modes. But at the core I just this classic game to be prettied up!

Bubsy (Mega Drive/SNES)

Bubsy (the bobcat) was a great, if unfaily hard, platformer. it never attempted going 3D and being inspired by sonic something fun could be done….if done right. But it doesnt need to lose it’s 2D roots, a modernised but true to its roots game would do nicely. Bubsy if you ever played it made Sonic seem slow. it was filled with great one liners and an amout of animations which for the time was truly impressive. The game was clearly made with a lot of love, level design was supurb, everything about Bubsy makes you wonder why it had to die in the 2d era.

Wario World (Gamecube)

I think I was only person who thought this game was epic. Warios only 3D adventure was platforming heaven with a really fun combat system. Every boss was a pure joy to play and each level had numerous platform puzzle levels which were a nice bonus for a game that already had a respectable length, the kind of thing you knew proved the game was made with love and much thought. A remake is probably not what I want, moreso a sequel, but if that won’t happen i’ll opt for a remake with added features. At any rate I reccomend you find this game online and give it a go.

Sonic R (Sega Saturn/PC)

By far my favorite sonic game. Yes I know, I’m pretty much alone there too. No doubt the controls could be refined, but Sonic R shows us Sonic how he might have been in 3D, free roaming, not on the rails, and level designs which honoured Sonics original art style, not to mention one of the most epic soundtracks. I feel no shame in admitting I still listen to those songs! But sonic R looks seriosuly old now, it wasn’t mind blowing back in the day, and I’d love to see one of my fav games looking as good as modern tech can pull off, as well as being refined, and perhaps with a few new levels added. Even back in 1995 5 levels was a bit of a poor showing. Again with game i’d be just as happy

Eternal Darkness (Gamecube)

This game more than any needs a remake. A sequel seems futile, the story would never be as good and might even damage the whole concept, but a remaked titled ‘the lost pages’ could defo work!

No doubt more people were tangeled into this 2000 year quest so adding new people can work, if a remake is looking to extend gameplay, its a fair size to begin with. No what a sequel needs more is a graphical makeover. The only unforgivable thing about this otherwise epic game was it’s visuals, they were rather dated upon release and clearly the gamecube could do far better, being a surivial horror the more real it looks the more scary it should be. Its screams a graphical makeover

Moreover ED is one of the best games ever made. It’s a true classic with en epic story, new generations of gamers diserve to experience it.


With all these games sequels are welcome, but I’m happy with the originals reimagined. Other honoable mentions include

1) Goldeneye (N64)

2) SSX Tricky (or just put Garibaldi in the new games)

3) Nights into Dreams (no I ignore the ps2 remake)

4) World of Illusion (Mega Drive)

5) Kirby canvas curse (DS…Put it WiiU in HD!)







Me want GOEMAN!

Another N64 classic that needs a comeback.

Mystical Ninja was my first Goeman game and I hold it in higher regard than Mario 64 and Zelda Ocarina of Time. I loved everything about the game and it holds a special place in my heart.

The game probably won me over straight away with the Theme Tune. The story that followed pulled me right in. The characters were bonkers and the story was joyfully absurd. The Impact segements of the game remain one of my favorite gaming memories. A bonkers robot racing to an epic battle, what more can you ask for!? I had save points at all the Impact battles, they were pure gaming fun in an era when 3D gaming was doing just about everything for the first time.

The characters still work, the concept still works, Impact needs a comeback! Why is there no new Mystical Ninja game? I want more cheesy japanese music and absurd baddies controlling the world so they have an audience to dance to! Surely the blue haired boys story has not come to an end?

Chris Huhne & that speeding fine.

I couldnt careless if he did get his wife to take the points on her licence. I dont see why it’s of public interest or why he should loose his job if he’s found guilty. Yes yes yes, he’s an MP, and MPs, who make the laws, shouldn’t break the law. But is it really a big deal?

Lets be honest, everyone has cheated the system at some point, everyone has broken various laws even if it was just littering. Cheating ‘Slap-on-hand’ laws, and lets not forget how unpopualr speed cameras and that that stuff is, shouldn’t result in court cases, mass media attention and the loss of your job. Both of his law breaks are minor, and the attention having been started by his ex wife gossiping with a journo doesn’t even seem worth entertaining.

Let me be clear, I dont even like Chris Huhne, I don’t agree with mcuh he says and if I do I dont like how he put it. I’ve watched him play to the right wing popularist vote when it suited him and his party knowing he is the antithesis of the lies spewing out of his mouth (Question TIme, When NIck Griffin was on it) and I’m not best pleased with any front bench LibDem at the moment. They seem to do nothing except lube themselves up for the Tories. Pack of public Schoolboys indeed. So please dont think im defending a person or political party that I like!

It’s just all seems like a waste of money to me for all involved. I also think all those wanting to see Chris ‘go down’ and think this is a very serious issue that makes his role un govt untennable need to remind themselves of the cast the first stone crap in the bible. You cant hang any man for such a petty unimportant load of nonsense. Everyone who drives has speeded and noone is 100% truthful to their insurance company. It wasnt about lying to the police. We all know what insurance companies are like. Rich or poor they boned.

Of he is guilty what he did is a typical human reaction, it does not mean he is unfit for public office. If anything it makes him a bit more normal, and politics could do with more normal people.



Oh, Rareware what has happened to you!

It’s not a question really, a gaming giant, true epics are a shadow of themselves. The people who reinvented Donkey Kong and brought us Killer Instinct, Banko Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, GOLDENEYE, Perfect Dark, Jet force Gemini and Conkers BFD, to name a few, and has produced nothing worth mentioning since Microsoft brought them off Nintendo.

Me a hardcore Nintendo fan even brough an xbox to play their games, and good lord they were not good, and with everyone I did NOT go in a cynic. Not even after endless let downs did I worry about Banjo Kazooire nuts and bolts and while I;m glad I played it, it was not what I wanted, I found just 5 levels insulting, mainly because non of them were half as impressive as the hub town. It was a solid design but the magic had gone. I wanted to love the vechile building aspect to the game but, alas, it got right on my tits. Whatever that game was, it wasn’t Banjo-Kazooie.

The things Rare are to apparantly be credited for is Xbox’s avatar and Kinect Sports. So they’re still copying but these things are what prove their still tech wizards and gaming giants?.What have Microsoft done to them? I’m inclined to call it rape.

What has gone off? Has all the true talent departed from Rare? Many have to be sure, many of course went on to make TimeSpliiters ages ago, people for whatever reasons do move on, but that doesn’t go very far in explaining such a radical change in this companys output, style and constant flow of the highest praise.

It seems to Me, a decade after the departure that Nintendo was the muse. The rapport between these comapnys regardless of how friendly or arguementative it was clearly had a major impact on the end product. Nintendo clearly stamped its self all over Rares game, but that too spured Rare to stamp its name on the game. Rares game were always prettier, bigger and more player pleasing than Nintendos, but they obviously only manage to pull stuff off NOONE seemed able to  thanks to Nanny Nintendo.

Lets not understate that, under Nintendo, Rare set industry standards, every other company was in awe of them, No one could get the SNES or N64 to do what they did, and their only GameCube entry is still a visual and technical beauty. They are a silent shadow on XBOX and there’s only one company in my opinion that in todays world comes close to that matching that standard and it had to be the company thats taken Rare’s place at Nitnendos side. Retro. Well it didnt have to be them but it’s turned out that way. Sadly Retro makes less game sthan Rare, but everyone it amazing in everyway. What they did with Metriod was amazing and those games against any graphical standard still reek of quality and attention to detail.

It’s the magical Nintendo touch. Consider F-ZeroGX, Nintendos frnachise in the hands of Sega/AV. a standard in programming that is still a benchmark for Sega! Nintendo is probably a brutal slave master, but when they team up with people they certainly get the best out of them.

So it must be the reason Rareware is a small slice of the big cheese it used to be. MIcrosoft may have changed the priorities on the company, but they clearly arent out to ruin a good company they spent a lot of money on and Rare has survived the loss of big talent under Nintendos rule. Could it be that Rare were never all that amazing and it was always Nintendos magic whip that made them what they were? I think so.


M.I.A Wario Ware

Where has this great game gone? Well granted the Wii version killed the speed and fun of it a bit, but there’s no new game on the horizon and I personally am far from bored! Warioware is a halirious ultra fast-paced mini-game, game. No mini games lasts more than 5 seconds and you only get that time to figure out what it is that you have to do. Fortunatly the controls are very simple so you dont have to think too hard, but getting to the point where you can handle any of the 200+ minigames thrown at you and think it easy takes a long time! And that’s fine because it’s all part of the fun, you will find yourself laughing a lot. And anyone can enjoy this game, its genderless and ageless.


Obviously with the new controller on WiiU There’s loads more for warioware do and explore, but warioware has to remain basic, you dont want to be delayed by swapping sets-ups! WarioWare on Gamecube is the guide to follow in my opinion, no less than when it comes to multiplayer. Loads of multiplayer modes please! The Wii version fell short there. 

I’d also love more Nintendo crossovers. 9-Volts minigames are always my favortie and one thing the Wii version did well, it’s good to see classic nintendo games getting cameos in Wario Ware. By all means make every mini-game Nintendo themed! It has to be said as well that on mini games they do need to think bigger numbers, anything less than 450 would be a bit disapointing considering 200 is the benchmark.

Online? Hard-thinking in this area could produce something very original and I’m all for more thought on multiplayer as already mentioned, but online doesnt seem to be a priorty for this game to me. It’s defo a ‘night with friends’ game. I cant see how online brings more to the experience, with video calls perhaps? Offering an experience to people on your friends list that dont have to also own the game? Colour versions of WarioWare with X-mount of exclusive minigames so you can win the full collection online off others in a ‘Top Trumps’ mode or something along those lines? (I like that idea!) Obviosuly is the idea of 40+ player challeneges where your opponant (within a set amount) changes as quick as the mini games, the amount of oppoanants could vary too from duels to 12 player, but overall following a fair-enough process of elimination to crown a winner. With the games so simple and limiting 1 minigame to 12 players at a time there’s no reason to not turn it into 100 player – hey a 100Vs1 crossover too. Do I make a case for an online mode? I’m not sure, but thats about the best I can do in 5 minutes thinking. All I know is if they do online they have got to think big and different. The already done multiplayer mode as much is I love them and want them back would be rather dull online.

So I’ll shut up there, I write far too much! Needless to say I want WarioWare for WiiU and hope it’s a launch title.