The 3DS in 2012

After a bumpy first year which just managed to scrape a decent offering of quality titles the 3DS is looking OK, and our offerings for this year, which we know of so far sounds OK

1) Luigis Mansion 2         2) Resident Evil Revelations            3) Animal Crossing

4) A 2D Mario                  5) Kid Icarus                                     6) Metal Gear Solid

7) Final Fantasy Threat Rythm

But 7 headlining titles is hardly enough. Few will be interested in all. I only intend to buy 3 of them.

There’s plenty more on the way of course, Sega are supposed to have some strong games in the pipeline, and im sure there’s any number of titles Nintendo are working on that we know nothing about, when we see them is another thing.  

If you own a 3DS and you hot on the heels of its best titles, like me your probably about done with those games now having played them to death. I’ve downloaded everything of interest on the eshop too. It looks like my 3DS will soon start collecting dust again.

I’m not convinced Nintendo have got their act together. Gaming droughts this year seem as likely as Britain having a crap summer. That is not good considering the Vita is out now and no doubt Sony are working their asses off to make it sell. It has a far brighter 2012 ahead in term of games than the 3DS, not that many peak my interest.

Rather surprising is the sheer lack of racing games for the 3DS, it seems the handheld could do with a snowboarding game too, and why has everyone gone off touch screen games? Personally I’d love a sequel to Kirby power paintbrush and Yoshi touch and go…and why not PacPix too – They seem to be top choices for new eshop downloads.

Nintendo has to find a balance between its current efforts of modern games for the 3ds that are aiming to be on par with what you’d buy on a console and making sure it doesnt loose sight of the retro-style gaming that has always served it’s handhelds well. While typical PSP were pushing the technical limits, DS games of technical simplicity even for the DS were selling great. People clearly didnt care about graphics as much as gameplay. So basically I dont think Nintendo need to work as hard. Few will moan about a new Zelda or Metroid that goes back to it’s roots.

E3 this June is how long we have to wait to gauge if Nintendo is on the ball this year, we wont hear much from them untill then. It’s seems sily really considering conversation untill them is likely to be dominated on the Vita. Considering their showings at the last 4 E3s, I’m not optimistic. I have the feeling 2013 will be the year of the 3DS, if they’re getting their fingers out. I think we already know about all the big games this year and that will be pathetic consider the majority were announced at last years E3 and we were expecting them last year.




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