All we want is a proper 16-bit Sonic

I’m dying to do a parody of ‘All I want is a propa cup of coffee’ on the dilemma of sonic fans.

Sega has spent since 1999 offering us Sonic experiences we didn’t want. Sonic fans have never been overjoyed by the constant need to introduce new charecters, nevermind playing with sonics design & turning him into a warewolf. Now I dont want to be harsh, as clumsy as they were Adventure 1 & 2 I absolutely loved, and Sonic Colours/Generations finally got 3d sonic games about as right as they will ever be. I personally reccomend Sonic Colours.

But throughout out the last 13 years Sonic fans have been increasingly asking for one thing – a true to the original sonic game. They want it in 16bit, with every sound effect intact and for sonic model to be an EXACT replica of him in any of the Mega Drive games and for the levels to be true to the original style – Out with realism!

These fans are being prattish. Sonic has never looked the same in any 2 games. They all bitch about the invinsible melody not being used any more. But go back to Sonic 1, 2 & 3 it was different in each of those games. Sonics moves have constantly evolved too. No one want to go so far back he can’t do the spin dash, but for gods sake Sega listen to these guys! Fans have never wanted less! Why turn down easy work?

As awkward as they are I do agree with them. I dont want to say goodbye to 3D sonic, but I would kill for a true Sonic 4. I didnt think that episodic pile of bob could let me down. How could Sonic 4 episode 1 get it so wrong? NO HOMING ATTACK FFS! NO MODERN SONIC FFS!! And there really was no need to recycle classic levels as much as we can see that was Sega trying to please us. Just so it’s clear to Sega, it’s not all about Green Hill Zone. But it is ALL about the 16-bit music in the traditional style. We are all sick of that friggin gitar crap.

We just want a 16-bit sonic these days surely a games designer cant get and easier or cheaper job. We don’t mind them using a bit more power so long as it looks 16 bit. By all means make things more busy an animated, make up for the shortcomings in 16-bit where it makes things look better but still retro for example no one will moan if explosion effects are a bit more snazzy and level don’t look like lego pieces put together as anyone who did the UP C Down C left C right C – cheat on Sonic 1 came to see. Although some would say there’s not even the need to go that far, be totally true to the originals.

Most of all it’s about how sonic moves and plays. Any modern sonic game would go down far better if sonic moved and looked as he did in the original games. Mega man went back to his roots and it went down well. Mario while he has evolved has always stayed true to the image and feel fans have of him in their heads. It’s quite funny that modern sonic at his best was probably his appearance in Smash Bros Brawl. Perhaps Sega should ask Nintendo to make the next sonic. If one things for sure, Nintendo knows how to respects it’s franchises. Sega, alas, is famed for cocking theirs up. If it aint broke.


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