WiiU: The path to glory

A fanboy has to hope Nintendo has learned from it’s cock-ups and has listened to the fan base. Wii was a monumental cock-up in terms of the image Nintendo used to have for quality and pleasing their fans. Sounds from Nintendo suggests they are on the case of fixing that, so here’s my views on what the WII U must do to shut us fanboys up and be true contender against the next Xbox.


WiiU has to be beefy, the technological gap of this generation cannot be repeated. Wii lost out on too many 3rd party games because they required to much work in porting and downgrading. Rumours sugges the next xbox will only be 20% more powerful than the WiiU. Thats probably where Nintendo need to be, but no doubt it will still cause problems. If i was Nintendo I’d ensure this wasn’t the case and th technical gap was no more than 10%


Nintendo fails to learn this lesson everytime. People wanted DVD playback and now Bluray playback. They want endless options and customisation on the OS, Nintendo fails to deliever everytime. I predict the WiiU will represent Nintendos best effort to date but will still anooying be missing many feature players expect these days.


Nintendo needs to get to its unique IPs, very quickly the follow have to make a comeback

(1) Pikmin (2) Pilotwings (3) F Zero (4) 1080 (5) Waverace (6) Wario & Warioware (7) Starfox

And thats the shortlist, we of course expect Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong & Kirby to turn up quickly as well. We wouldnt mind even older franchises making a comeback too like Ice Climbers or Smashing Crew,

We are still waiting for the void left by Rare to be filled, and while Retro was a perfect perhaps better trade in, they make even less games than Rare. Needless to say we expect more than 1 new IP from Nintendo too and something which isn’t a toy like Nintendogs Electroplankton or even Animal Crossing.

They look lke their on the case of 3rd party support, but it always looks promising in the early stages and never quite materialises, but 3rd party really doesn’t matter. Nintendo need to wake up to the fact their unique games are what sells their console. They would be more than stupid to not have a proper mario game at the launch and Mario Kart following very soon after.


Nintendo are considered dinosaurs when it comes to online, that clearly has to change.According to EA the WiiUs online functionality is excellent, so hopefully no worries there. It however is most likely the thing Nintendo will get wrong again, I have low expectations, but as long as they make the games I like and they finally stop games droughts, I doubt I personally will care. but it will hinder them Nintendo should surprise us all by embracing a system similar to ‘OnLive” or indeed incorporate OnLive into the WiiU, but also still ofeering hard copies of games. I personally still want to physically own games.


Nintendo is pathetic when it comes to selling themselves. They are responsible for some of the worst adverts in TV history. Most of the time though they simply put no effort into advertising campaigns.The Wii and Ds era did make a significant change in their efforts but still theiur own blockbuster games got lackluster campaigns. People shouldnt be asking “Whats Skyward sword?” Far too many are oblivious to both Zelda and the latest game, but you cant help but know about Skyrim. Nintendo came to think there was little intest in many of their franchises never seeing or wanting to accept they are total failures when it comes to promotion. When critics praise your games and no one buys them, it isn’t the games fault.


One of the biggest fault sof the Wii was that games designers are retards. They simply didnt know what to do with it. And yet games like Skyward Sword prove the worth in the ‘Wii-mote” I certainly hope motion control remains with the franchise. Wii got called a gimmick, but that was not the fault of the hardware, but the poor imaginations of games designers. So Nintendo better know exactly what can be pulled of the WIiU and be giving these ideas to games designers to use. There launch software has to properly and fully demostrate a vast array of ways to implement the new controller and Nintendo should perhaps offer ideas for specific games as well as offer to do some of the work. Surely they already are.


So that is more or less my views without going on forever which I kind of already have! Nintendo really only to worry about one thing though, a constant flow of exclusive games, its what most fans have wanted from the Wii but never got. It beggers belief they can make so few games for a console that has their name on it. No wonders their profits have been hit if they arent making any games. Its time a ship come and saved us all from drowning in that big blue ocean.




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