The Republican Primaries: Freakshow or Weakshow?

I’m not a right-winger, so clearly the guys fighting to be the new leader of the Republican party are hardly going to impress me. I should come as no surprise I find Ron Paul the most tolerable and indeed I could vote for such a guy. But Ron Paul is far too honest intelligent and bi-partisan to ever do well. For that reason I do regard this race as a bit of a Freakshow.

Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are clearly so rubbish a second term for Obama has never looked so likely. Republican views are very split and im sure many are asking ‘is the best we can do?’

The republicans find themselves in the same mess as the UK’s Labour Party and with Labour perhaps time is the only healer. Certain people need to go before the parties can move on and they need to work on consolidating an action plan for the nation that resonates with the public. Both parties are currently erratic and offering very little the people havent heard before and from people they are willing themselves to warm to. For that reason the Primaries are a very weak showing of what the republicans have to offer.

The republicans have failed to stand up to Obama in a logical manner, resorting to the most generic aspects of their well-worn ideology. Yes we all know you small government, but we know they expand government where it suits them. How can they moan about spending when it’s clearly the 2 proxy wars which have caused the bulk of the national debt? Conservatives are frustrated, it’s why Ron Paul has such a dedicated following. The Republicans are too busy aiming for the middle ground and satisfying their own personal ideologies to pay attention to their core base. Yet they sound like they are ardent right wingers.¬†People are confused and unimpressed at such erratic behaviour.

The crap over tax returns shows, most Americans do want to deal with ‘crony capitalism’ even if they dare not wander into such rhetoric for fear of being branded a commie. Not even their supporters believe the republicans will fight a system that allows greed to get so out of control that it requires government bail-outs when the inevitable happens. The climate isn’t right for the message and attitude the Republican party is seen to stand for these days. They got it wrong and they are offering more of the same with the contenders on show. Except Ron Paul who wont win.

I believe the Republican party is a dictatorship. It has come to be controlled by a powerful few behind the scenes who are dictating what their message will be. How else do you end up offering 5 contenders who are clones of one another. It’s a trick. They were always bound to end up with Romney or Gingrich if it didn’t quite go to plan. People are picking the cards they were tricked into taking. Republican supporters have had no choice and no say, and only the most optimistic think they will win the election.

By rights, they should win the next election. No one can pretend Obama has done a good job. In fact it’s hard to pick out even 3 things he has done, nevermind if they were right or put on course by the previous government. The republicans are handing him a very easy victory. Obama looks competent by comparison. I believe Ron Paul is the only person out that lot who could beat Obama. Democrats would willingly flock to Paul.

The Republican party with people like Bachman Perry and Palin has made it’s self look like a joke and stereotypes like Gingrich and Romney do them no favors. Nevermind having someone like Ron Paul who is basically laughed at for being ‘true blue’ but also a bit bi-partisan. When you laugh at common sense and consistentcy while defending idiots like Palin you’re clearly on a road to nowhere.

The Republican Primaries are clearly both a freak and weak show. Gingrich might look more credible if he wasn’t in a relationship with FOX News, Romney might look better if he didn’t look like the defender of crony capitalism. But the truth is these people are not leadership material, the damage has been done and it’s far too late for the republicans to have a chance at beating Obama.


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