Smartphones are NOT the future of gaming.

Youve been able to do gaming on mobile phones for over 10 years now,and no doubt because of how many people own phones its quite likely they have become the most used platform for gaming. But how many people buy a pone for the sole interest of gaming? If the Xperia play is anything to go by, not many.

Gaming on a mobile like almost all feature on a phone are novelties, bonus features, No one who passionatly loves mobile phone gaming is going to say its the be all and end of all of gaming, because it isn’t.

We can argue that mobile phone technonolgy will catch up so storage wise and graphics wise it’s on par with other handhelds or even consoles but I still cannot seing mobile phones coming to dominate the gaming market.

What people seem to be doing is looking at the casual audience, not seeing the majority of the casual audience want games for free. It is the casual player who loves facebook games too. No hardcore playstation Xbox PC or Nintendo fan is ready or willing to give up thier machines or future machines anytime soon. These people are at the end of the day the people who bring in the bacon. The casual crowd is not resposible for many of any years best selling games, like Skyrim or Call of Duty, and fans of such games would not want to play these games on smartphones or even tablet devices.

The smartphone is simply another platform for gaming and one that cater to cheap simplistic gaming. Thats not a bad thing, I myself have enjoyed games like Plants Vs Zombies & Cut the Rope. But the price says everything most of the time. These games are fun but they are short pretty simple and far from cutting edge. Further more these games can still work on any platform and I own those games on my 3DS.

Call me old fashioned, but I want my console and handheld, I’m not one for ‘do-everything’ devices. These days I cant find the phone on a phone. I might be a slave to Apples priducts but im not willing to say good my to my Nintendos or PC.

Nintendo have been taking most of the heat in the media made-up smartphone war on gaming. Nintendo the one company that has franchises and patents falling out it’s pockets is abouut to collapse under the stree of smartphone competition? I think not, They will have to go 3rd party to survive? I think not. I can remember hearing the same crap at the release of the 3DO, Wonderswan, Neo Geo, Playstation and Xbox. Nintendo are perfectly fine, nothing has yet brought them down like constant predictions claim. If anything they would join the smartphone race and do very well.

The real people in danger are Sony or at least it’s playstation brand. RUmours already suggest there wont be a ps4, at least how we imagine one to be, and in fact they will move to cloud gaming. Sonys problem is that they have no franchises that people demand to see generation after generation. Microsoft is already showing it can build up an excluesive catalogue, Sony has lost everything from GTA to Final Fantasy which are now multiplatform.

Nintendo have learned with the 3DS, because they were dumb to forget, that Mario sells consoles, Mario Kart sells consoles, Pokemon sells consoles, THEIR GAMES SELL THIER CONSOLES, and you cant get them anywhere else. Regardless of innovation and new ideas, it is their famous ideas that will always keep them afloat.

No one else can do franchises like Nintendo. What ever happened to Crash or Spyro? Laras legacy is a bit rocky . Even the franchises that have survived, like Final Fantasy began on a Nintendo consoles, even Resident Evil enjoyed a rebirth and new found respect on the Gamecube with Zero and 4.. Everyone loves retro and Nintendo has the Trademark on retro…the Company Retro too!

The games developers are not ready to see Nintendo die out or change either. Far too many respect Nintendo and love following what they do and taking use of new concepts they bring to the table. Bill Gates has on several occasions express an interest to buy Nintendo. Even their greatest rivals have to admit without Nintendo the gaming industry would loose a lot of its imagination and drive to move onwards.

Finally there is no need for Nintendo to change its core buisness model. Nintendo have had an amazing 6 years, not since the days of the SNES have they made so much money, their dip in profits in 2011 & 2012 is normal during hardware changeovers and will be over soon. A company that is home to the most popular and respected games designer is hardly in trouble. A company that has franachises developers around the world wished they could work on is hardly in trouble either.

We seem to forget just how much Nintendo drive the gaming market. The n64 was a dark as day get for Nintendo and yet it gave us the analogue stick, the rumble pak, and a guide on how you do 3d adventure games and FPS’s on a console. Not to mention it originating the ‘Party’ game cementing the ‘kart racing’ game design, and setting a new benchmark for quality all round. Everything they did in that era was copied and is still used today, and the same goes for the Wii and DS. No other company has this level of impact on gaming and Nintendo know it. the experts know it. It is just bad vibes for Nintendo that create the suggestion their buisness model is in danger.


Nintendo have already demostrated the ability to survive and evolve. They can be stubborn to embraces things but it never causes their destruction. They always end up doing it better when they do get with the times. With concerns for their atitude at online gaming, I think people are going to be surprised when they see what the WiiU has to offer. If Nintendo wants to copy anything of anyone elses making, which they are surely obliged to do, it will be Xbox live..And whatever they are planning no doubt it will work and be copied.

Nintendo are determind to create experiences you cant get elsewhere, but it goes wihout saying that even top console games in the here and now, even if smartphone were 50x more powerful they still wouldn’t work on a smartphone. Any gamer knows some games work better on certain platform. PC always wins when it comes to MMOs and FPS, Consoles win hands down on racing, adventure and party games, Handhelds rule the retro market, Smartphones rules the casual and digitalised classic games, and quite possibly the retro market too. This is unlikely to change simply because there are reasons for these preferences beyond processing power. It’s the set up. Some games require a mouse and keyboard, others a HUGE screen and manycan stay on a smartphone because its the only place such simple game will be appropreatly priced. Few buy an Xbox to play scrabble.

So the smartphone is simply another platform with its own niche. It will do fine but it isn’t about to take to over. Ill again assert that most people still want dedicated devices. The Wii’s lack of extra features did not hurt their amazing sales, smartpphones did not stop the DS becoming the best selling games machine ever. Smartphones will come and go and Nintendo will still be around, as fans we’ve heard it all before. Nintendo knows how to survive and it has the goods to survive. It would be a sad day for the gaming world if Nintendo as the critics hope stopped doing what they do for embracing a buisnessmodle the critics think they should take. Frankly these critics seldom know a good game when it hits them in the face, never mind being responsible for any. They’ve been watching Nintendo since the 80’s and have been willing them to fail. Take what they say with a pinch of salt.


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