Pikmin 3: Why everyone should be jizzing in their pants.

Pikmin is an amazing franchise. Not only does it have all the hallmarks of a AAA title for the hardcore market, it also shares much in common with casual browser-based games that are proving so popular.

Pikimin is the kind of game that is as hard as you choose to make it. You can take you time doing very little and still feel a great sense of accomplishment or race to do as much as you can in 1 day enjoying the fear of not getting back to base before nightfall. It allowed Pikmin 1 and 2 are very  replayable games.

My brother and best friend are the 2 opposites in the gaming world. A hardcore PC gamer, verses a girl that’s quite happy just playing Cityville or Snake. Both however regard Pikmin as one of the BEST games ever. The last game they played on a console besides Mario Kart was Pikmin 2, the next game they will play on a console will be Pikmin 3. They’re more excited than I am. I doubt I’ll be able to afford a WiiU on launch day, I will have to rely on my brother buying it and if Pikmin 3 isn’t a launch game I wont get a WiiU on launch day.

I had to make myself play Pikmin, thinking it looked totally rubbish. It looked too innocent cartoony and aimless. I’m glad I did, it’s the last GREAT game Nintendo made. You simply must play it. It would be super-wise of Nintendo to make a simple Pikmin game for Facebook as a clever means to promote the upcoming 3rd game on WiiU. People need to sample this game in some form, it isn’t the kind of game anyone wants to risk spending £40 on and it’s not all that easy to explain.

Pikmin 3 will unquestionably be amazing. The games formula already works perfectly and the WiiU seems to offer the perfect tech to take the game to the next level. The new controllers seems made for a game like Pikmin, the possibilities are overwhelming. It basically is impossible to get it wrong. The only mistake they could make is making the game too short.

If you havent played Pikmin before, find you dusty Wii or Gamecube and buy them. I’m sure you can pick them up for well under 10 pounds these days and that’s absolutely a bargain for a game that’s quality hasnt diminished with time and a game for which there is still nothing else like it that has shameless cloned it or bettered on the concept.

And spread the word about Pikmin 3. It alone will make the WiiU worth buying.


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