On gay marrage.

As a homo I’m in the minority when I say I couldnt care less about Gay Marrage. Civil partnerships will do me fine, not that ever intend to bother with one.

I can’t say I’m on board with the hetrosexualisation of my fellow queers, I cant say I want to live a life that mirrors a hetorsexual relationship. There also isnt a single stat out there that convinces me marrage is a good idea for anyone.

My attitude towards marrage is based upon two things. The church and my parents. My parents never married and they are the strongest couple I know. My corner of the world is laden with broken marrages and single parents. Growing up I counted myself lucky and sometimes dull for having a secure family unit, and it didnt need marrage to work or last.

As for the church, I dont believe it is anyones place to force changes upon them. Civil partnerships give the same legal rights and regardless of what people think, unless your ceremony is done in a church it isn’t in law called a marrage.

So gay people shouldnt whine too much. Lets make straight people see they too are in the same situation. If they go to a registry office they too are getting a civil partnership, they can pretend its called marrage if they like but technically it isn’t.

If we want to be so petty as to steal the word from church then I guess there’s no stopping people, but if we want the church to wake up we shouldn’t be the alarm clock. Allow them to isolate themselves on their terms, while we all considered them quaint and behind the times. If we bully them into changing it gives people a cause and an excuse to claim victimisation. Let the church wander off into obscurity let them be free to make their own choices. In time as always they will catch up with secular morality and pretend thats where they always were.

But regardless of this, I simply do not care about marrage and for the same reasons mentioned I will not champion my cause, I want people to see in their own terms that by and large marrage is a waste of time. If anything it should be made harder to get married or a get a civil partnership if we believe it is something that should be treated seriously, thats of course if you find divorce rates disturbing. To me its just evidence marrage is a failed institution, but I will just talk about it in passing conversation like this blog entry, I see no point in going off on crusade on this matter and I wish the gay community felt the same. Rights are all we need, and we have them and if we want to point out the churches backward attitude then we are going the wrong way about it. We should know by now the church is fully capable of making it’s self look stupid and redundant without anyones help


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