Is Charity Worth The Effort?

Everytime there’s a massive chairty drive, questions soon follow asking where all the money went. The truth is never uncovered.

Very few charities go to the trouble of showing exactly how they spent their money and proving it. Too many charities spend money to hopefully make more money. Charities have been capitalised. No longer is it about helping the cause you represent. It’s about the long game, a stock portfolio, PR, investment. It is one thing to save money for a rainy day, another to start thinking the money is better spent elsewhere than on your cause, because in the long run you could have more to spend.

Charities are answerable to no one. No group should get tax expemt status for playing economic and social games with money donated by well meaning people who believe their contributions will quickly and directly help someone or thing in need. Nor should they get it if it can be proven they spend more time doing other things than spending time and money directly on their cause.

No charity should get tax exempt staus if they employ people to raise money. If someone is being paid to raise money, well meant donations are paying that persons wages. Thats not charity.

To me there’s few charities worth bothering with. They are not transparant and are too busy justifying their behaviour at the cost of actually getting on with what they claim their job to be. Like with Haiti, it would have been far better if all those who donated had been able to directly send money to families, rather than putting it in a fund that paid for charity workers to spend days in luxury resorts while people sat around a mound that used to be their home.

I wont say that Charity starts at home, but one cannot think of themselves as charitable if they’d rather throw a few quid at a cause but not wake up to the problems of people they see everyday. All those people are doing is trying to absolve themselves of guilt. Just because you make the minimal effort of giving up a few quid you can live without doesn’t make you a good person!

The Jewish faith has a special word that means both charity and obligation. To them the two are interwoven. Charity is an obligation to their fellow Jews, its not about a warm fuzzy feeling, it’s about what is right. Too many of us use chairty as an excuse to proclaim we are decent people and anyone cynical about charities must be a selfish person. In fact it is the lack of obligation charities feel to their cause which makes people like me cynical. With a greater sense of obligation comes a greater sense of honestly and transparancy not to mention greater and more efficient drive.

Charities wont change their behaviour while people continue to support them, and I will not be fooled into thinking that on balance things are OK just because they are seen to care. it is better for us to become our own charity doing what we can to help people knowing 100% of the effort goes straight to the cause in question. Not only that but disregarding the rant on obligation, it is the most satisfying form of charity. You didnt throw money at someone else to take care of a problem. You got off your arse and did it yourself. One person cannot change the world, but it probably thinking on such grand scales that has led to charities being in the mess we find them today, that and thinking the finacial impertive is a good ideology for a charity.


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