Introducing Ms Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa is one of those comics you probably don’t know about, but will provoke a strong reaction once your acquainted with her. To me she is one of the funniest people alive and I urge YOU to check her out.

She’s got a mouth as big as her cunt (she sleeps with a lot of black guys) and runs to a controversial subject faster than Spick to a government paycheck. Thats one of her jokes, im not being racist!

Lisa is for mature audiences only & and mean mature in a rather different way to what you are thinking. This level of maturity is a mindset that is very rare in the world, to most it seems impossible, heck some might call you a racist in denial. Lisa’s comedy is all about prejudice, she could make Roy Chubby Brown blush! But Lisa is not racist. In manyy her humour shares a lot in common with the likes of Family Guy. It’s about everyone laughing at things we know are wrong, but the joke is in it being risque a sort of “oh no she didn’t” attitude. Shes attacking Politcal correctness, sterotypes, do gooders and polite society. Her humour is a liberation of words for this mature section of society that is way beyond both prejudice & politcal correctness.

And she basically comes with a full seal of approval. Lisa has significant fan bases in the Black, Gay and Hispanic communities.

If your worried if you’re supposed to say Black or coloured then dont watch Lisa. If you whine about if your allowed to say the N word, definatly don’t watch Lisa.And if you you have to talk about how great the gays are and how we should all jons hands and feed the world then Lisas gob will hospitalise you.

We Lisa Lampanelli fans, to resort to slang, are some next level shit. We dont think like other people, were better than you. We’ve worked our way out of the fog of political correctness and way beyond the shores of prejudice. We look back on those things to find our humour knowing we are laughing together and not at each other…Well we are laughing at each other but in a fully approved manner.

The absolute best thing about Lisa? Most conservatives hate her, most liberals hate her, most socialists hate her, she really doesn’t discriminate, she pisses everyone off! As racist as she sounds, you wont find any racists who like her, as much of a modern thinker she is, she aint ever winning praise off the liberal elites, unless you count the gay community who absolutely worship her, and rightly so. We can laugh at ourselves! Lisa Lampanelli fans queue up to be insulted, your not dreading your turn, your waiting with anticipation.

Lisa has basically taken the reigns from the working mens club comedians of 1960s Britain, but removed all trace of prejudice and cause for complaint while becoming more outragous than they ever were. It’s a rather astonishing accomplishment, one that makes little sense on the surface. it does of course require that maturity I mentioned to be understood. She does run the risk of attracting prejudice people and giving rights groups strokes, but she doesn’t really.

If you like shocking comedy and foul mouthed women Lisa’s the gal for you. As far as I’m concerned she’s the funniest women in America. Sorry Joan she’s knocked you off your perch….I feel like I’m gonna go to hell for saying that.


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