Dappy got out of Nappies then it went a bit Whappy

I’m not exactly an N-Dubz fan, but I have great admiration for them. They made it alone, they are their own thing, there’s nothing manufactured about them.

Yet they get a good deal with Def-Jam records and it’s like they’ve died a death ever since. They seem to have lost the sound that made them so original and popular. And poor Fazer, he’s basically boned now.

I’m inclined to call it a Simon Cowell conspiracy. His job offer to Tulisa seems to have broken up some serious competition to his own artists, while sending Dappy on a ill-fated quest for a solo career, in a world where Marty McFly is considered a good metaphor in a rap song. Dont even get me started on putting a British Chav in an American Ghetto. Say cheese.

It’s like the world of music is willing N Dubz to no longer be and how does that happen when you get an amazing offer of a record label like Def-Jam at the top of your game? It seems very unfair.

Maybe the N Dubz gang are very happy with the current situation but I doubt their original fans are. What is happening to them is a classic scenario and if Dappy doesn’t take control their music carrers are going to be over very soon. A working brand has been messed with, put on hold, split to later reform, and is loosing its original appeal. Reinvention only works when people are getting bored and they weren’t.

Tulisa needs to exit the sinking ship known as the X Factor and get back to what people liked her for. While she has that job N Dubz future is very limited and so is Dappy’s. Dappy is not an easy person to like and alone he is even more annoying, but for their genre they make great music together. I hope this band survives because it is great offering from the British music scene. People have messed around and are coming very close to destorying something that worked very well, and its not exactly the fault of the band members.




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