Another Blog I’ll probably forget about

I’m a ranter by nature, so blogs were made for me, but my interests are all over the place so I’ve never commited to a blog, this time I hope to change that!

This blog will be somewhat random, a word that sums me up quite well. Overall though, it will be dominated by political sociological media discourse and linguistic drivel as well as my views and musing on my favorite TV shows and computer games….Im a Nintendo fan-boy all the way! I’m sure conversations and reviews on Doctor Who, Star Trek, Misfits, Being Human, Ugly Betty and South Park will appear from time to time.

I’m sure i’ll be considered a grandstander, know it all and a bad speller. I’m confess i’m a lazy typer and proof reader but we all know what it means when people use typos as a means to rubbish your arguement! I am attack quite often on other site as I certainly dont like to play it safe or keep controversial opinions to myself. There’s absolutely no point in following me if you can’t enjoy a proper deabte and can’t handle hearing views you disagree with. Because careful not to typecast me either. I’m not partisan or very predictable, many believe my view conflict with one another although it’s normally because they are partisan and politcally immature. With all that said I can assure I’m not someone who plays up to my crowd.

I welcome being challeneged: Better are conversations of disagreement than ones rubbing each others egos. Don’t get me wrong I do have an ego and it likes being rubbed, but don’t think because we disagree we can’t get along & have a good arguement! Basically what I’m getting at is I miht not always be of interest to you considering the broad array of thing I will talk about, but stick around and feel free to encourage me to write about things you want to hear my views on.

But lets see how it goes, this might be the only post I ever make!



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