A thought on the RBS Bonus

I dont want to talk at length on this topic because the media, blogs, Twitter and MPs are hammering it. My own view is that the bonus wouldnt matter if the RBS customers who lost money had been compenstated properly already.

There’s nothing wrong with performance related bonuses, more people should get them public and private. According to everyone the new Boss at RBS has done an excellent job, it just isn’t fair when were talking about a bank that lost customers money.

There’s no point debating how fair his yearly wage and bonus are, it’s a dead end arguement that in many other quarters politicans has been dodging for years now, he got this deal whilst such pay was under scrutiny.

We should all focus our energy in making sure those customers get their money back fast. It is quite frankly scandalous that it isn’t priority number 1 for RBS. If you think his pay is unfair you should ask yourself if your just of the culture of ‘taking things away’ and not of the culture of actual fairness. I agree deeply that the rich should be taxed more heir wages made fairer by comparison to fellow employees, and they being made to pay their taxes properly. However this is a massive issue that makes one sound like a raving socialist!

Lets not try to change the world, lets just get those customers their money back ASAP.


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